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Genshin Impact

Genius Invokation TCG Card List

Jessica Dillon

Genius Invokation was launched in Genshin Impact version 3.3 as a permanent feature to the game. It allows you to collect cards and use your deck to beat NPCs. There is also an option for challenging other players online, although this won’t grant you any rewards. The most important part of any card game is being able to collect powerful cards. The guide below goes over every single card in Genius Invokation TCG, how to get them, and how much they cost if they are in the store.

Diluc’s character card in Genius Invokation TCG.

How to Get More Genius Invokation TCG Cards in Genshin Impact

Prince in the Cat’s Tail.

There are three major ways that you are going to get cards for Genius Invokation. Here are all of them.

  • Inviting characters to duel and beating them.
  • Searching out players to duel in the overworld and beating them.
  • Buying cards from the card shop using Lucky Coins earned from winning TCG matches.

You can access the Genius Invokation shop by completing the starting quest and talking to Prince in the Cat’s Tail.

Character Cards

Character cards are your main three cards that are going to be on the field dealing damage to your opponents. As you level up your player level, you will be able to buy more cards. Additionally, you can get cards from winning duels against that particular character. Here are all the character cards currently available in Genshin Impact.

Card Name How to Get Cost
Barbara Character Duel None
Bennett Character Duel None
Chongyun Character Duel None
Collie Character Duel None
Cyno Character Duel None
Diluc TCG Quest None
Diona Character Duel None
Fischl TCG Quest None
Ganyu Character Duel None
Jean Character Duel None
Kaeya TCG Quest None
Kamisato Ayaka Character Duel None
Keqing Character Duel None
Mona Character Duel None
Ningguang Character Duel None
Noelle Character Duel None
Razor Character Duel None
Sucrose TCG Quest None
Xiangling Character Duel None
Xingqiu Character Duel None
Yoimiya Character Duel None
Fatui Pyro Agent Character Duel None
Jadeplume Terrorshroom Character Duel None
Maguu Kenki Character Duel None
Mirror Maiden Character Duel None
Rhodeia of Loch Character Duel None
Stonehide Lawachurl Character Duel None

You can’t buy character cards in Prince’s store, but you can purchase dynamic skins for them as you level up.

Equipment Cards

Equipment Cards are used to enhance the power of your character cards. Here are all the equipment cards currently in Genshin Impact.

Card Name How to Get Cost
Adventurer’s Bandana Shop 500
Aquila Favonia Shop 1,000
Archaic Petra Shop 700
Blizzard Strayer Shop 700
Broken Rime’s Echo Shop 500
Crimson With of Flames Shop 700
Deepwood Memories Shop 700
Exile’s Circlet Shop 500
Gambler’s Earrings Shop 500
Heart of Depth Shop 700
Instructor’s Cap Shop 500
Lands of Dandelion Shop 500
Laurel Coronet Shop 500
Lithic Spear Shop 700
Lucky Dog’s Silver Circlet Shop 500
Magic Guide Shop 500
Mask of Solitude Basalt Shop 500
Raven Bow Shop 500
Sacrificial Bow Shop 700
Sacrificial Fragments Shop 700
Sacrificial Greatsword Shop 700
Sacrificial Sword Shop 700
Skyward Atlas Shop 1,000
Skyward Harp Shop 1,000
Skyward Spine Shop 1,000
Thunder Summoner’s Crown Shop 500
Thundering Fury Shop 700
Traveler’s Handy Sword Shop 500
Traveling Doctor’s Handkerchief Shop 500
Viridescent Venerer Shop 700
Viridescent Verner’s Diadem Shop 500
White Iron Greatsword Shop 500
White Tassel Shop 500
Wine-Stained Tricorne Shop 500
Witch’s Scorching Hat Shop 500
Wolf’s Gravestone Shop 1,000

Talent Cards

Talent cards are another way to help out your characters during a battle. Here is every talent card currently in the game.

Card Name How to Get Cost
Awakening Defeat Razor None
Chaotic Entropy Defeat Sucrose None
Cold-Blooded Strike Defeat Keaya None
Crossfire Defeat Xiangling None
Featherfall Judgement Defeat Cyno None
Floral Sidewinder Defeat Collei None
Flowing Flame Defeat Diluc None
Glorious Season Defeat Barbara None
Grand Expectation Defeat Bennett None
I Got Your Back Card Defeat Noelle None
Kanten Senmyou Blessing Defeat Ayaka None
Lands of Dandelion Defeat Jean None
Mirror Cage Defeat Mirror Maiden None
Naganohara Meteor Swarm Defeat Yoimiya None
Paid in Full Defeat Fatui Pyro Agent None
Proliferating Spores Defeat Jadeplume Terroshroom None
Prophecy of Submersion Defeat Mona None
Shaken, Not Purred Defeat Diona None
Steady Breathing Defeat Chongyun None
Stellar Predator Defeat Fischl None
Stonehide Reforged Defeat Stonehide Lawachurl None
Strategic Reserve Defeat Ningguang None
Streaming Surge Defeat Rhodeia of Loch None
The Scent Remained Defeat Xingqui None
Thundering Penance Defeat Keqing None
Transcendent Automaton Defeat Maguu Kenki None
Undivided Heart Defeat Ganyu None

Support Cards

Support cards help your character or hand out. Here is every support card currently in Genshin Impact.

Card Name How to Get Cost
Chang the Ninth Shop 700
Chef Mao Defeat Chef Mao, Shop 700
Ellin Defeat Ellin, Shop 700
Iron Tongue Tian Defeat Iron Tongue Tian, Shop 700
Dawn Winery First Deck, Shop 700
Favonius Cathedral First Deck, Shop 700
Jade Chamber Shop 700
Katheryn Shop 700
Knights of Favonius Library Shop 700
Liben Shop 700
Liu Su Defeat Liu Su, Shop 700
Liyue Harbor Wharf Shop 700
NRE Shop 700
Paimon First Deck None
Parametric Transformer Shop 700
Timaeus Defeat Timaeus, Shop 700
Timmie Defeat Timmie, Shop 700
Tubby Shop 700
Wagner Defeat Wagner, Shop 700
Wangshu Inn Shop 700

Event Cards

Event cards help out your hand or character. Here is every event card currently available in Genshin Impact.

Card Name How to Get Cost
Adeptus’ Temptation Shop N/a
Calx’s Arts Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: Enduring Rock Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: Fervent Flames Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: High Voltage Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: Impetuous Winds Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: Shattering Ice Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: Soothing Water Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: Sprawling Greenery Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: Woven Flames Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: Woven Ice Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: Woven Stone Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: Woven Thunder Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: Woven Waters Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: Woven Weeds Shop 1,000
Elemental Resonance: Woven Winds Shop 1,000
Guardian’s Oath Shop 1,000
I Haven’t Lost Yet! Shop 1,000
Jueyun Guoba Shop 1,000
Lotus Flower Crisp Shop 1,000
Master of Weaponry Shop 1,000
Minty Meat Rolls Shop 1,000
Mondstadt Hash Brown Shop 1,000
Mushroom Pizza Shop 1,000
Northern Smoked Chicken Shop 1,000
Quick Knit Shop 1,000
Send Off Shop 1,000
Sweet Madame Shop 1,000
Toss-Up Shop 1,000
When the Crane Returned Shop 1,000
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