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Genshin Impact

Act I: Charles' Troubles

Matt Chard
Adventure EXP Mora Other Rewards
375 22,775 2 4


Has Charles managed to get hold of the tax forms he needs?


  1. Find Charles and ask about his commission
  2. Talk to Ernest
  3. Escort the transport balloon
  4. Talk again with Ernest to complete the commission

Find Charles and ask about his commission

Charles can be found outside the Angel’s Share Tavern which is at the northeast of the city, as you approach him, you’ll receive a cut scene. He’ll tell you about an important delivery, which is behind schedule, and asks if you help him fix the problem.

Talk to Ernest

Teleport to the Statue of the Seven near Dawn Winery and head northwest, drop down into the canyon, where you’re see Ernest, the man in charge of the delivery, speak to him to get a short scene.

Escort the transport balloon

After the scene, the Transport Balloon will start moving slowly to the east, your goal here is to transport the balloon to the end of the road with the transport still intact, defeat the incoming Hilichurls and at certain points, the balloon will stop due to the obstructions in the middle of the path, break these and the balloon will continue forth.

Just before the next obstruction, a group of Hilichurls which includes a Hydro Samachurl will be waiting for you, take out the Samachurl first as it can heal its allies, break the second obstruction and follow the balloon.

(1 of 2) Climb up the bank and take the Hilichurl Shooters down before they become a problem

Climb up the bank and take the Hilichurl Shooters down before they become a problem (left), Pyro is a good way to take down the obstructions as it will do damage over time. (right)

The final stretch will have explosive barrels along the path, take these out from range otherwise they will do some damage to the transport, there is also some Hilichurl Shooters up on the bank to the southeast, climb up and take them out, then get ready for a fight with a Blazing Axe Mitachurl, this will charge straight at the transport so you’ll want to take it down quick, use a combination of Pyro and Electro for damage or Hydro and Cryo for saftey and defeat it. There will also be a Dendro Samachurl amongst the mayhem, Pyro will make quick work of it as you’ll set the Burning status on it which will cause Pyro damage over time.

Talk again with Ernest to complete the commission.

Once you get through that, the transport balloon will come to a stop and Ernest will walk towards it, talk to him to finish the quest.


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