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Genshin Impact

Chamber 1

Matt Chard

Ley Line Disorder:

  • Cryo DMG dealt by all party members increased by 75%.
  • The duration of the Frozen status effect is greatly increased.


Completing each challenge awards you with an Abyssal Star and for every three stars you’ll be rewarded with 100 Primogems and some Mora, these are a one-time only reward for Floors 1-8.

  • Remaining Challenge time longer than 180 seconds.
  • Remaining Challenge time longer than 90 seconds.
  • Remaining Challenge time longer than 60 seconds.

Chamber Challenge

  • Defeat 14 opponents within 300 seconds.


Icon Name Level Quantity
Electro Slime 40 5
Large Electro Slime 40 5
Mutant Electro Slime 40 4

Best Teams

Premium Team (5-star)

Main DPS Sub DPS Sub DPS Support
Diluc Ganyu Mona Qiqi

Free to Play Team ( 4-Star)

Main DPS Sub DPS Sub DPS Support
Kaeya Bennett Xingqui Diona


Take two Cryo characters to take advantage of the Ley Line conditions which will give you 75% Cryo damage bonus well as receiving an extra 25% Cryo damage bonus for having two of the same element in the team.

With the Premium Team, start the challenge with Mona’s Mirror Reflection of Doom, this will group the enemies up as it taunts them whilst making the enemies Wet from the Hydro damage it provides, switch to Ganyu and use her Elemental Skill: Trial of The Qilin right on top of it to set the status Superconduct which will lower the RES of the enemies, then switch over again to Diluc to deal damage whilst receiving a damage bonus from the Melt, Vaporize and Overload statuses, finally use Qiqi for either healing or to add some more Cryo damage on the field if Ganyu’s skills are on cooldown.

For the Free to Play Team, start the challenge as Kaeya and use his Elemental Skill: Frostgnaw to coat the enemies in Cryo providing RES down via Superconduct then switch to Xingqui and use his Elemental Skill: Guhua Sword - Fatal Rainscreen to apply the Electro-Charged status, switch to Bennet and use his Elemental Skill: Passion Overload off cooldown. Switch in Diona whenever you need Shields, Healing or even more Cryo damage.


Adventure Exp Mora Other Rewards
200 5000 3 4 4 1


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