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Genshin Impact

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Three Poignant Perfumes

Ben Chard
Matt Chard
, &
Shane Williams
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Zhongli isn’t concerned with the deicide itself, but with upholding Liyue’s sacred traditions by giving a proper farewell to an archaic lord. Having selected a suitable batch of Noctilucous Jade, your next task is to preapre some perfumes as an offering to the Geo Archon.


  1. Go and buy Silk Flowers
  2. Seek Lan’s advice
  3. Seek Qiming’s advice
  4. Seek Ying’er’s advice
  5. Offer the perfumes to the Statue of The Seven

Go and buy Silk Flowers

The next step on your list of preparations for the Geo Archon is to go and buy some Silk Flowers with the money left over from Childe. Head to the lowest level of Liyue Harbor and then head under the pier to find Bolai, Boss of Wanyou Boutique. After a short exchange of words, Bolai decides to hand them over for free.

Seek Lan’s advice

Your task now is a simple one, head around Liyue Harbor on a scent test with your first port of call being Lan who can be found just outside the Adventurer’s Guild. Make your way over there and speak to her to have her give you another suitable candidate to speak with.

Seek Qiming’s advice

As before, you’ll need to tack down Qiming the fortune teller next and you’ll find her nearby. Head east past the Adventurer’s Guild and then drop down to find her standing near a statue. Once again, she’s not quite the person you’re looking for but she will give you your best lead yet.

Seek Ying’er’s advice

Ying’er is the last step on your hunt for a perfume maker and once again, you’ll find her close by. Make your way north behind the Adventuer’s Guild and you’ll find her standing outside her house. Head on over and speak to her to and after agreeing to help, you’ll need to give a choice of locations, thankfully this time you’ll only need to go across the way to get things started.

Head across to the Wanmin Restaurant and speak with Ying’er before heading around the back to fetch some water for her. Return to her once more and you’ll learn how the extract the essences using the nearby Alchemy bench. Head over and craft Fate’s Yearning Essential Oil, Valley Weaver Essential Oil and Golden House Maiden Essential Oil before returning to Ying’er one final time.

(1 of 4) You'll find Lan at the Adventuer's Guild

Offer the perfumes to the Statue of The Seven

With the three perfumes in hand, your final task is to take them to the Statue of the Seven that Zhongli mentioned. Open up the map and warp to the statue to the north of Liyue Harbor where you’ll find Zhongli waiting. Head on over to speak with him and you’ll trigger some scenes, ending the quest in the process.

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