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Genshin Impact

Temple of the Falcon

Ben Chard
Claire Farnworth
Matt Chard
, &
Shane Williams
How to Unlock Location
Reach Adventure Rank 12 Windrise, Mondstadt


This ruin used to be a temple devoted to the benevolent Falcon of the West. The Temple of the Falcon has watched over Windrise for thousands of years. Perhaps the winds of the past still linger within its halls.

Name Temple of the Falcon (Explore: Windy Cliff trial)
Type Advanced Domains
Location Windrise , Mondstadt
Adventure Rank: 12
Recommended Party Level: 20
Recommended Elements: Genshin Impact Screenshot


Icon Name
Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact ScreenshotGenshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Genshin Impact Screenshot Wooden Shield Mitachurls, Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guards, Hilichurl Shooters, Large Electro Slimes, Large Cryo Slime, Hydro Slime

Recommended Party

You will need to bring along a Archer and a Cryo character to deal with some of the puzzles in here and at least one Pyro character to maximize damage.

Explore Windy Cliff

As you move forward, you’ll be in a small room with some crates and barrels containing food ingredients, on the adjoining corridor you’ll notice some fire being continuously sprayed down it. Switch to a Cryo character and attack the circular metallic object producing the flames, this will stop it for several seconds so you can walk past undamaged, there is also another one of these right next to it on the east, do the same again and continue onwards and past the Door of Resurrection.

(1 of 3) use a ranged Cryo character to temporarily immobilize the machine

As you enter the next big room you’ll see a locked contraption in the middle. To unlock it, you’ll need to switch to your Archer and shoot the explosive barrels in front of the rock wall and the barrels on top of the wall the opposite side, once the contraption is unlocked, interact with it and progress through the now unlocked door.

As you enter the next room you’ll see five Hilichurls and you’ll have to defeat them to progress to the next room, as you defeat some of them two Large Electro Slimes and one Hydro Slime will also spawn. The Mitachurl is the toughest of the bunch and the biggest threat, switch to a Pyro character and let loose at it with your Elemental Skills and Burst to take them down. After these are defeated progress on through the doorway.

(1 of 2) Shoot the Slimes with an Archer to create a wind current underneath them

Shoot the Slimes with an Archer to create a wind current underneath them (left), there will be a Hilichurl Shooter either side of you, once you get nearer a Large Cryo Slime will spawn. (right)

As you exit the room, there will be three Anemo slimes floating up and down in front of a large wall, shoot at all of them with your Archer and they will release a gust of wind which will allow you to glide across the wind currents to get on top of the wall, go past the final Door of Resurrection and you’ll be in a small room. As you enter, there will be two Hilichurls shooters either side of you and a Large Cryo Slime in front. Pyro will take care of the Slime quickly and normal attack will work fine against the shooters. Once they have been dispatched, open the chest to complete the Domain.

Explore: Windy Cliff Rewards

Primogems Mora Other Rewards Adventure Exp
Genshin Impact Screenshot40 Genshin Impact Screenshot10,000 Genshin Impact Screenshot1 Genshin Impact Screenshot1 Genshin Impact Screenshot3 Genshin Impact Screenshot1 Genshin Impact Screenshot200


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