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Genshin Impact

Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula

Ben Chard
Claire Farnworth
Matt Chard
, &
Shane Williams
How to Unlock Location
Reach Adventure Rank 30 Luhua Pool, Liyue


Though it may seem like a clear pond, the amount of treasures hidden below is enough to drive a person mad. Unfortunately, few who can decipher its secrets remain.

Name Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula
Type Advanced Domains
Location Luhua Pool, Liyue
Adventure Rank: 30, 35
Recommended Party Level: 60, 70
Recommended Elements:

How to Unlock the Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula

The Domain is under a blue barrier in the middle of Luhua Pool, to unlock it, you will have to solve a small puzzle on its surface. Interact with the pedestal to start the challenge and you’ll see there are six torches that you must light with a Pyro character. You only need to light three as the other three will light up automatically afterwards. The three that need to be ignited are the ones under the largest intact pillars, the order is irrelevant.

Light up the three torches under the intact pillars

Voyage to the Sanguine Sky

As you enter the Domain, you’ll see two Ruin Guards and one Ruin Hunter with a chest in the middle of them. As soon as you approach the chest they will activate and begin to attack you. You will need at least one Archer like Fischl to take advantage of the enemies weak points which is the cores on their head and back (Guards). Both types have several dangerous moves which can cause a major amount of damage so make sure to be on the constantly moving to avoid them.

The Ruin Guard has these moves:

Stomp Attack: It will stomp its foot on top of you if you’re in melee range. To avoid this, dodge to its back as its foot lifts of the ground for some free attacks on to it.

Spin Attack: As it starts spinning, it won’t stop for approximately five seconds, just keep backing up until its finished because if you try to attack it in this animation you will be hit for moderate damage.

Clap Attack: Its arms will have a shimmer from its shoulders to its hands and then both hands will clap together for some major damage, dodging forwards to get behind will net you some free melee attacks.

(1 of 7) Back away or dodge behind the Stomp attack

Leaping Punch: It will start off with a two hit punch combo and then leap on top of you for major damage, backup to avoid the punches and then dodge forward as soon as you see the AoE marker underneath you.

Bombardment: It will kneel down and target you with a crosshair, then fire a volley of six homing missiles at you for moderate to major damage depending on how many of the missile hit you, keeping the distance and dodging last second is the best way to avoid this attack.

The key to defeating it, is by using a charged strike by an Archer to its core on its head which can stagger it, follow that up again and it will become immobilized for a short moment allowing an opportunity to let loose your strongest attacks.

When it casts Bombardment the core on its back will be visible, if you are quick enough, a charged strike will interrupt the attack.

And the Ruin Hunter has these:

Swipe Attack: The Hunter will raise its claw above its head and swipe from its left to its right, dodge towards the raised arm and get behind it.

Spinning Swipe Combo: It will start of with what looks like a normal swipe attack but it will then spin in place, dodge backwards to avoid this.

(1 of 6) The Swipe Attack will start from the Hunters left and end up to its right

Charging Lunge: It will raise its right claw and then lunge at you with its claw spinning, dodging towards it and its left arm is the best way to mitigate this.

Aerial Bombardment: Hovers in the air and will have four turrets around it and will fire several volleys of missiles which will be indicated on the ground with an AoE marker, dodging in a circular motion or towards the enemy will help with avoiding these as they can deal substantial damage.

When the Hunter is using the Aerial Bombardment move, you can shoot at its core twice with a charged strike from an Archer to stun it and knock it down, where you can get a nice bit of damage whilst it recovers. Electro and Pyro work well against these because Overload ignores physical resistance, Superconduct from Cryo and Electro will lower the physical resistance of the enemy by 50.

Travels of the Moonlit Venturer

Coming soon.

Voyage to the Sanguine Sky Rewards

Primogems Mora Other Rewards Adventure Exp
40 40,000 1 2 3 5 500

Travels of the Moonlit Venturer Rewards

Primogems Mora Other Rewards Adventure Exp
40 50,000 1 3 5 500

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