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How to complete Stage 5

Matt Chard

This page will guide you through completing Stage 4 “Dream Pavilion” of Theater Mechanicus: Stage of Wonders.
This page will guide you through completing Stage 5 “Twin Swallows’ Arrival” of Theater Mechanicus: Stage of Wonders.

An image of the Twin Swallows' Arrival map.


This stage is surprisingly easy considering the enemies it has in it. The setup for this stage is an Electro and Pyro combination. For it to work flawlessly, we’ll need a bit of luck with the Wondrous Sticks. Bombardier and Heavenly Tumult are the main upgrades we want for Electro, with Beacon, and Inflammation for Pyro.

Recommended Party

Characters What they offer
Genshin Impact Screenshot SucroseCharacterIconCharactersGenshinImpact.png Can manipulate the enemies by pushing/throwing them off ledges.
Genshin Impact Screenshot Her bow attacks can target and stun Ruin Guards, and her charged attack can put Cryo on enemies in an AoE.
Genshin Impact Screenshot TraveleGeoCharacterIconCharactersGenshinImpact.png Can place Geo Constructs in the path of enemies.
Genshin Impact Screenshot She can get around the arena quickly by using her Elemental Skill as well as put the Electro status on enemies in an AoE.
MonaCharacterIconCharactersGenshinImpact.png Can help Freeze enemies in conjunction with the Cryo Mechanici.

Recommended Mechanici

Mechanici Name Effects
PyroMechaniciTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png Veneficus Mechanicus: Inferno Attacks opponents with Blazing Sparks that explode on hit, dealing 100% ATK as AoE Pyro DMG.
ElectroMechaniciTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png Veneficus Mechanicus: Furious Discharge Attacks 1 opponent at a time with a Thunder Strike that deals 80% ATK as Electro DMG.

Recommended Wondrous Sticks

Priority Type Element Sticks
1 FortuneIconTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.pngFortune FortunePyroTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png Pyro Orb, Inflammation, Scorched Earth, Beacon, Wildfire, Embers.
2 FortuneIconTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.pngFortune FortuneElectroTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png Bombardier, Heavenly Tumult, Vengeance, Silver Lining, Supercharged, Thunderstrike, Thunderstorm
3 MysticSticks1TheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.pngMystic Mecharepair, Mechastrength, Mechapower, Winning Strategy.

Wondrous Stick Bans

Icon Name Effect
FortuneAnemoTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png Dust Devil Negates using Anemo Wondrous Sticks
FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png Crack Shot Negates using Crack Shot Wondrous Sticks


Icon Name Effect
FortuneArcanumTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png Non-Elemental Mechanici Negates using Non-Elemental Mechanici Wondrous Sticks
FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png Crack Shot Negates using Crack Shot Wondrous Sticks


Wave Enemies
1 30
2 30
3 30
4 30 or 6
5 6


Wave 1

Wave 1 setup.

Monster Types

Icon Name
Genshin Impact Screenshot Hilichurls

The enemies will come from the purple portals in the east, with them meeting up in front of our portal, this is where we place our Mechanici choke point. Start off by placing two Pyro Mechanici on the two panels near the north stairs. Place another two Pyro on the two panels farthest to the south, then finally fill up the rest of the panels with Electro. We should have 10 Mechanici placed. Start the phase, and go AFK if you want, as it’ll only be Hilichurls, and they take forever to get near your setup.

Wave 1 Mechanici locations.

Wave 2

Wave 2 setup.

Monster Types

Icon Name Stick Bans
Genshin Impact Screenshot Hilichurls FortuneAnemoTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png
HydroSamachurlEnemiesGenshinImpact.png Hydro Samachurl (Fleet-Footed Trait) (Curious Vitality Trait) FortuneAnemoTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png
Genshin Impact Screenshot Ice Shield Hilichurl Guards FortuneArcanumTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png

For this wave, place another two Electro Mechanici just before the south lane, in front of your Pyro/Electro Mechanici, and with them placed, that’ll be all the Mechanici placed for the stage. The reason why we ignore the other two Mechanici that can be placed, is to complete the challenge: “Complete a Stage on Difficulty 5 or above without building more than 12 Mechanici”. If you want to add the other two, place them as Electro on the north lane, in front of the stairs. You can start upgrading your Mechanici now, Bombardier, and Heavenly Tumult are a must for Electro whilst you should prioritize Beacon and Inflammation for Pyro. The only enemies to keep an eye on in this wave is the Hydro Samachurl, they have the uncanny ability to avoid everything.

Wave 2 Mechanici locations.

Wave 3

Monster Types

Icon Name Stick Ban
Genshin Impact Screenshot Wooden Shield Hilichurl Guards FortuneAnemoTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png
IceShieldwallMitachurlEnemiesGenshinImpact.png Wooden Shield Mitachurls FortuneAnemoTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png
DendroSamachurlEnemiesGenshinImpact.png Dendro Samachurls (Fleet-Footed Trait) FortuneAnemoTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png
Genshin Impact Screenshot Rock Shield Hilichurl Guards FortuneArcanumTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png
IceShieldwallMitachurlEnemiesGenshinImpact.png Rock Shieldwall Mitachurls FortuneArcanumTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png
GeoSamachurlEnemiesGenshinImpact.png Geo Samachurls (Fleet-Footed Trait) FortuneArcanumTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png

Nothing really changes with Wave 3, keep the same setup, and keep upgrading your Mechanci, Electro should be your priority, followed closely by Pyro. Once again, the Samachurls are the biggest threat here, because they’re so quick. The Vengeance Electro upgrade will help tremendously here, as it can stop enemies in their place for a short while.

Wave 4

Monster Types

Icon Name Stick Ban
PyroHilichurlShooterEnemiesGenshinImpact.png Hilichurl Berserkers (Fleet-Footed Trait) FortuneAnemoTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png
BlazingAxeHilichurlEnemiesGenshinImpact.png Blazing Axe Mitachurl (Stonebreaker Trait) (Fleet-Footed Trait) FortuneAnemoTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png
RuinGuardEnemiesGenshinImpact.png Ruin Guard (Curious Vitality Trait) FortuneArcanumTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png

This wave is either really easy or really hard depending on your luck with the Wondrous Sticks, especially when facing the Ruin Guards, as they have a one-time only trait that can replenish all their health. If you haven’t been upgrading your Mechanici, now is the time to do so, make sure to upgrade the damage, and attack speed for both Electro and Pyro, and make sure to have the Bombardier, Heavenly Tumult and Vengeance Sticks for Electro, with Pyro Rings being nice to have for Pyro.

Wave 5

Monster Types

Icon Name Stick Bans
RuinHunterEnemiesGenshinImpact.png Ruin Hunter (Stonebreaker Trait) (Fleet-Footed Trait) FortuneAnemoTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png
RuinHunterEnemiesGenshinImpact.png Ruin Grader (Stonebreaker Trait) (Curious Vitality Trait) FortuneAnemoTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png FortuneCrackShotTheaterMechanicusGenshinImpact.png

For Wave 5, you shouldn’t need to do anything other than upgrade your Mechanici. You’ll be facing either Ruin Hunters or Ruin Graders, but they won’t be able to handle the power of your Mechanici.


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