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Genshin Impact

An Unwavering Culinary Dream

Jessica Dillon

A segment of the Dream Nursery world quest series takes you to meet some Aranara chefs. This is a simple but necessary part of the Aranyaka quest, as it is essential for completing the quest line in a while. Below we go over how to complete the five quests in this series.

All four culinary Aranara gathered in Dream Vanrana.


To acquire Bija and help Rana, you have to find and help Aranara and prepare for Festival Utsava. As for the Aranyaka from Arama, it could be used to document the stories about Aranara and clues for the adventure.

Cooking, the Flavor of Nature (Dendro Needed)

Waking up Arachatora.

To start An Unwavering Culinary Dream, you will need to unlock Dream Vanarana and complete all the quests in the city to speak with the chief. Afterward, several different quests will open up, including An Unwavering Culinary Dream. To get started on this quest, you will want to speak with Arapacati in Dream Vanarana.

Afterward, go to the quest marker and look for smoke. At the bowl where the smoke is coming from, you will find a downed Aranara, Arachatora. Use a Dendro attack on them to wake them up. Arachatora will then send you to find a mushroom called the Head Mushroom. This will take you to a Withering Zone that you must clear.

Once this is complete, return to Arapacti, to chat with him about the other missing Aranara, you will learn their whereabouts and then be given a recipe for Mushroom Hodgepodge. The next three quests can be done in any order and follow a simple formula that only takes a few minutes each.

Cooking, a Pleasant Memory

Arasaka staring at peaches.

You will want to teleport to the Statue of the Seven outside of Gandharva Village. Once there, look over to the cliff to see smoke rising and head to the location it’s coming from. Once there, you will see an Aranara named Arasaka, but they will refuse to speak with you until you interact with the peaches they are staring at.

Once they notice you, they will send you into Gandharva Village to get sugar from Iaanesh at the quest marker location. You will then need to head back and speak with Arasaka to complete the quest. This will also unlock the Selva Salad recipe.

Cooking, the Aroma of Homecoming

Examing a leaf at the Apam Woods cooking site.

This time you will need to venture to the Apam Woods. Here you will once again look for rising smoke at the quest area and meet another Aranara. Araphala won’t be at the cooking pot, so go ahead and investigate it to make them appear. Once they do they will send you to the water below to collect Living Spring.

Living Spring location.

When you jump down, you will be greeted by two Spinocrocodiles. Defeat them and grab the water from the glowing marker on the ground. Make use of the nearby mushrooms to quickly make your way back to Arapahala and give them the Living Spring. This will complete this quest and unlock the Masala Cheese Balls recipe.

Once you are done with Cooking, the Aroma of Homecoming and gathering the rhythms in Dream Nursery, the Varuna Gatha quest will be unlocked.

Cooking, the Beauty of Sharing (Dendro Needed)

Waking up Araphala.

This time you will be heading to a location marker at Ardravi Valley. Here you will find rising smoke, but this time, there will be no Aranara standing by it. You will need to interact with a nearby leaf, but doing so will spawn Ruin Drake. Make quick work of the enemy and then follow the trail of Sunsettias that leads from the pot to a downed Aranara.

Once you find Araphala, you will need to use a Dendro attack to wake them up. They will then go back with you to camp, and you will finish this part of the cooking quest.

A Delicacy for Nara

The end of the Culinary quest line.

Once you have completed all four cooking quests above, you will need to head back to** Dream Vanarana**. Once there, simply head to the quest marker to see the four missing Aranara getting scolded. Once you have finished conversing with the group, An Unwavering Culinary Dream will be completed, and you will get the **Master Chef: Vanarana **in-game achievement.

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