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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact version 2.7 Release Date and News

Matt Chard

This page will keep you updated with all the news regarding the version 2.7 update of Genshin Impact. This’ll include news on any new features that are to be introduced, a release date, and any delays that may come with that.

Genshin Impact Version 2.7.

Version 2.7 New characters revealed

Yelan and Kuki are the new characters for version 2.7.

As mentioned before, the new characters added with version 2.7 is the hydro user Yelan who appears to use a bow, and can throw what looks to be some dice. The other character that was announced was Kuki Shinobu who is an electro character that appears to wield a sword. It looks like she has a dark vibe to her character.

Version 2.7 New Events - “Perilous Trail” and “The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorius Drumalong Festival”

The latest livestream not only had a story trailer, but they showed off a couple of new events. The first event is called “Perilous Trail”. From what we know, you’ll be able to challenge four domains with the fourth only being unlocked once the other three are completed. Each domain will have its own rules, and you’ll have to arrange your party as well as some buffs to take advantage of the rules.

There’ll be three combat rounds per domain, and three challenges per combat round. There’ll be different difficulties to challenge yourself. You’ll be rewarded a currency for completing the challenges which can be spent in the Event Shop. The next big event revealed was “The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival” which looks to be a rhythm game with a drum. It also looks like the drum may be a gadget in the similar vein of the Lyre where you’ll be able to create your own music.

Version 2.7 is looking good with all the new events being added.

There were a couple of other events shown such as “Core of the Apparatus”. Where you’ll be able to create toys and furnishings by collecting the right materials and placing it into a device that the toy merchant from Fontaine has. Finally, the last event shown was “A Muddy Bizarre Adventure” where you’ll have to clear the oozing concretions by charging a spike.
From the latest livestream, the version 2.7 update will be called “Hidden Dreams in the Depths”. It looks like you’ll meet your twin again in the archon quests whilst Xiao also makes an appearance. Exciting times to be a Genshin fan.

Version 2.7 name reveal: Hidden Dreams in the Depths

Version 2.7 artwork released with the name drop.

From the latest livestream, the version 2.7 update will be called “Hidden Dreams in the Depths”. It looks like you’ll meet your twin again in the archon quests whilst Xiao also makes an appearance. Exciting times to be a Genshin fan.

Version 2.7 Livestream announced!

The livestream regarding version 2.7 is scheduled for 8AM (UTC-4) on the 20th May 2022. This can be viewed on their official twitch channel here.

Version 2.7 Update Notice

The official Genshin Impact twitter just posted this tweet mentiontion that maintenance for the Version 2.7 update is scheduled for 6AM (UTC+8) on the 31st of May 2022. The duration of the update is expected to last approximately six weeks. They also mentioned that Version 2.8 is expected to be updated on the 13th July 2022!.

When is the Version 2.7 Livestream

With the announcement of the delay, the official Genshin Impact Facebook page also announced that the livestream will be delayed until further notice. Once a date has been issued, we’ll update this section with the pertinent information.

Version 2.7 Compensation

According to the 5th of May 2022 tweet by Mihoyo, the community will be compensated with Primogems x400, Fragile Resin x1, Hero’s Wits x7, Mystic Enhancement Ores x16, and Mora x 120,000 every week via the in-game mail every week until the update is released. The only requirement to recieve the compensation is that you are at least Adventure Rank 5, and that the compensation is claimed before version 2.6 ends which will be announced at a later date.

(1 of 2) The Compensation news was posted on Mihoyo’s official twitter

The Compensation news was posted on Mihoyo’s official twitter (left), as was the news about the delay. (right)

Version 2.7 Delay

As of 29th April 2022, version 2.7 has been put on indefinite hold according to this tweet:

“Dear Travelers,

Due to project progress, the Version 2.7 update will be postponed.
For detailed information on the date of the new update, content adjustment plan, and compensation, please stay tuned for upcoming announcements.“

No-one knows the real reason for the delay other than “project progress”, although it is suspected that COVID is the real reason behind the delay because as of right now, China is struggeling to contain it.

What are the New Version 2.7 Characters

Although it isn’t official, a couple of characters were teased on Mihoyo’s social media as well as being shown briefly during the version 2.6 story. The first character is Yelan, a Hydro user who allegedly works with the Inazuman Ministry of Civil Affairs. The other character is an electro user who goes by the name of Kuki Shinobu and appears to be the second in command to Arattaki Itto for the Inazuma gang. At the moment this is pure specualtaion, but with the way that Mihoyo has handled future additions to the character roster in the past, this is most likely to be true.

Yelan and Kuki look to be the next characters to join the ever-growing roster in version 2.7.

What New Features for Version 2.7 are there

There isn’t any announcements about what to expect in version 2.7 as the livestream is delayed until a further date. We have no idea what to expect, but we’re hoping for a new region to be added, Sumeru especially! This section will be updated when features start to get announced in the future livestream.

What is the Version 2.7 Release Date

Due to all the indefinite delays, there is no release date in sight. One thing which might be promising is that Mihoyo are kindly compensating players with a lot of primogems (amongst other stuff) every week until the release. We expect the release to be sooner than later as Mihoyo will surely not want to give too many primogems out. Once a release date has been announced, this section will be updated.

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