Adventure EXP Mora Primogem Other Rewards Next Quests
575 19800 30 7 4 Guizhong

Who would have guessed - Madame Ping is an adeptus! After leaving her household, which turned out to be a realm within a teapot, you proceed to Chihu Rock to continue preparations.

  1. Go and buy kites
  2. Find the three workers
  3. Talk to Childe

Go and buy kites

On your evergrowing list of preparations, next stop is to go and buy some kites for the upcoming rite. Start by heading to where the Alchemy vendor is in Liyue Harbor and speak to Granny Shen, the Toy Seller. Once again, Zhongli neglects to bring any Mora with him, thankfully Childe is on hand.

Find the three workers

With the kites purchased without incident, your task now is to track down three helping hands for the rite. Begin by heading around the corner to Wanmin Restaurant and speak to Toe outside and request his services. As you may have remembered from before, Childe gave you a More Pouch and with this, you’ll need to barter with these three workers. It’s well within your interest to do this, any Mora leftover is yours to keep but do pay attention to each person’s mood, this will change based on the offers you make. Go ahead and offer Toe 10,000 to begin with and he’ll happily accept your offer.

Note: The offers listed here are ones that worked for us when writing the guide, feel free to offer lower but pay attention to each person’s mood.

Next, head up the stairs to the Adventurer’s Guild and you’ll find Tac to the left of Lan. Speak to him and he’ll request 25,000 Mora this time around so barter once again and consider offering 17,000 to save yourself on some more Mora. Finally, make your way around the back of the Guild to find your final target, Tic who will request 20,000 Mora this time. Consider offering 14,000 to him to save yourself even more Mora and secure the services of the third worker.

(1 of 4) Toe can be found outside Wanmin Restaurant

Talk to Childe

With the Mora spent and tic-tac-toe hard at work on the tasks you’ve given them, return to Childe near the Alchemy station and speak to him to trigger a scene and complete the Quest.

Note: You’ll obtain the Achievement, Ticked, Tacked, and Towed for completing this Quest.

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