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Genshin Impact

What is the Serenitea Pot

Matt Chard

This page will explain to you what the Serenitea Pot is, and why it’s needed to access the Housing system in Genshin Impact. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about Player Housing.

The Traveler admiring his new home.

How to Access

The Serenitea Pot is a gadget that allows you to enter a play space that you can build on. It can be obtained by talking to Madame Ping in Liyue, and completing her quest “A Teapot to Call Home”. Once you have the teapot, go into your inventory, head to the gadgets tab, and click on it to make the teapot spawn in the world, interact with, and you’ll be transported to a new play space, made specifically for your housing needs.


Inside the play space, you’ll find a Teapot Spirit called Tubby floating outside your house. This creature lets you do all sorts of stuff like changing Realm Styles, create furniture, check your Trust Rank, and it even has its own store called ‘Realm Depot’. Also, it’ll have quests for you when they’re added with updates.

(1 of 2) The Serenitea Pot can be found in the Gadget section of your inventory.

The Serenitea Pot can be found in the Gadget section of your inventory. (left), Tubby has various options related to improving your play space. (right)

Trust Rank

The Trust Rank system rewards you with experience every time you create a new piece of furniture for the first time, this’ll increase your Trust Rank, and after every increase to your rank, you’ll be rewarded with Primogems and/or furniture blueprints. Also, increasing your Trust Rank gives you more options in the Realm Depot store that Tubby provides. The most important thing is with every rank, you’ll get more Realm Currency, more layouts, and extended play space.

Realm Styles

Realm Styles are the backdrop of where your housing area is situated, so far, there are three to choose from, Emerald Peak, this is the only one available at the beginning. The other two choices are Floating Abode and Cool Isle, which are unlocked by increasing your Trust Rank.

(1 of 3) You can access the Trust Menu by talking to Tubby


Inside your play space you can place various types of furnishing, this can be anything from rugs and flooring to trees, and even animals. Furnishing can be obtained in various different ways, like battle pass rewards, trust rank rewards, event rewards and the Adeptal Mirror or created from Blueprints, these can be placed anywhere to your heart’s desire.


What recipes are to cooking, blueprints are to housing. When used, you can create the furniture providing you have the materials to do so. You can get blueprints from the Battle Pass, Adeptal Mirror and Trust Rank rewards, they can also be purchased from some merchants like Master Lu in Qingce Village, Liyue or Goth who resides in Mondstadt, near the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. You can also purchase some from your Teapot Spirit Tubby.

(1 of 2) Tubby has the option to create furnishings

Tubby has the option to create furnishings (left), to create them, you’ll need a blueprint, these can be gotten from various sources. (right)


Materials needed for the creation of furnishings can be obtained by attacking different trees for a variety of woods, attacking ores from the ore deposits, and gathering Silk Flowers to create Fabric.

Blueprint Sets

There are thirty Blueprint Sets in the game at the moment, these are sets of furniture that can be placed together in a batch to create a particular furniture, to do this, you need to have all the furnishings in your inventory before it can be placed. For example, to create an Adventure Camp, you’ll need 1 Lightning Protective Tent, 1 ‘The Color of the Wind’ Tree, 1 Deadwood Road Sign, 1 Simple Single-Person Tent, 2 ‘Green Fountain’ Trees, and 6 Sturdy Pine Fences. With all of these in your inventory, you can place them as a set which will make an Adventure Camp.

Adeptal Mirror

The Adeptal Mirror can be found in your Adventurer’s Handbook, here, you’ll have tasks you need to complete, these will reward you with blueprints for each individual task, and bonus rewards for completing all tasks for that specific round. The tasks are related to performing general housing/building/gathering stuff like obtaining three different types of wood when cutting down trees or entering a Mansion. As of right now, there are only 4 rounds/chapters available for this.


Load is the term Genshin uses for Furniture Capacity, this is an indicator of how many furnishings you can place. Each furnishing has its own capacity, with Large Buildings or stuff with complex AI costing more, think dogs, cats etc. It uses a system known as the traffic-light system, green = lots of capacity left, orange/amber = not much capacity left, and red = max or very near to max capacity.

(1 of 2) The Adeptal Mirror can be found in the Adventurer’s Handbook, or clicking the teapot in the upper right of the radial wheel inside the realm.

The Adeptal Mirror can be found in the Adventurer’s Handbook, or clicking the teapot in the upper right of the radial wheel inside the realm. (left), When building, Load is shown on the top right of your screen, green = loads of space, orange = not much space, red = no space. (right)

Realm Depot

The Realm Depot is a shop accessed by speaking with Tubby, this is where you’ll spend your Realm Currency to purchase furnishing and blueprints, at first the selection is limited due to your low Trust Rank, but as that increases, so do the choices available to purchase in the shop.

Realm Currency

This is the Currency that you spend in the Realm Depot, you obtain this currency over time at a rate of 4-30 an hour depending on the amount of Adeptal Energy you have in your realm.

(1 of 3) Realm Currency is obtained at an hourly rate, the amount you get differs depending on how much Adeptal Energy you have

Adeptal Energy

Adeptal Energy is increased the more furnishings you have placed in your realm, and the more Adeptal Energy you have, the Realm Currency accumulates at a faster rate to a maximum of 30 an hour.

Jar of Riches

Jar of Riches is a ‘precious jar that can extract wealth from Adeptal Energy’. This is basically how you increase your Adeptal Energy, the more different types of furnishings you have equals more Adeptal Energy, and there are 10 levels, starting at Bare-Bones and ending at Fit for a King.

Teapot Travelling Salesman

Every Friday to Monday, Chubby the Teapot Travelling Salesman will appear in your realm, this is shown on the map as a black teapot with a yellow symbol in the middle of it. Chubby normally sells animals and mountainous landforms at the cost of Realm Currency. You can also visit friends’ realms and use their Chubby as well.


You can have up to eight companions that you own to be placed in your play space. Whilst they are in there, they’ll accumulate Companionship experience over time. They’ll earn more Companionship experience the higher your Adeptal Energy Rank is. The companions will also have unique dialogue, and sometimes rewards, if you place their favorite furniture sets. Be careful as the companions have a load capacity similar to Animals and Furnishings.

(1 of 3) Chubby is the Teapot Traveling Salesman, it can appear every Friday to Monday.


There is a Co-Op mode for the housing system allowing you to visit friends’ realms and assisting them in speeding up the creation process of furnishings, this is indicated on the map as Guest of the Realm, there can only be one guest at a time. To access a friend’s realm. Go to the Friends menu, and click on their profile, then select the option to visit their Serenitea Pot. One of the Adeptal Mirror tasks requires you to visit a friend’s Traveling Salesman. Finally, if you or your friends have ‘Allow Direct Join’ turned on, you can visit their realm when they’re offline.

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