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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Get Rupees Fast in Tears of the Kingdom

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details some of the top tips for making money fast in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Rupeesare the currency in Hyrule and they’re vital for buying new armors, food, weapons and ingredients from the various vendors located across the world. Below, we’ve provided the top 4 ways to earn rupees quickly in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Selling Ores and Rare Materials

One of the most lucrative ways to make money is by selling ores and rare materials you may have found in Caves or in the Hyrule Depths. Smashing the large black sparkly rocks in caves will get you a random assortment of ores and/or gems that you can sell. And, you could also sell the "Luminous Stone" iconLuminous Stone from Luminous Stone deposits! We’ve included a list of some of the materials and gems that are great for selling as they fetch a pretty high price:

Gem Sell Prices

Gem Sell Price
"Amber" iconAmber 10 Green Rupee Rupees
"Opal" iconOpal 30 Green Rupee Rupees
Topaz 80 Green Rupee Rupees
Ruby 110 Green Rupee Rupees
"Sapphire" iconSapphire 150 Green Rupee Rupees
"Diamond" iconDiamond 500 Green Rupee Rupees

If you’re looking for a map of all the caves found in Tears of the Kingdom - head over to our interactive map!

Caves are a great source of rare materials, ores and gems!

Rare Material Sell Prices

Material Sell Cost
"Bomb Flower" iconBomb Flower 10 Green Rupee Rupees
"Puffshroom" iconPuffshroom 10 Green Rupee Rupees
"Muddle Bud" iconMuddle Bud 10 Green Rupee Rupees
"Luminous Stone" iconLuminous Stone 70 Green Rupee Rupees

Shooting Blupees

"Blupee" iconBlupees are small, glowing blue rabbits found throughout Hyrule. If you shoot them they’ll drop rupees that you can collect from the ground! They will disappear after a few seconds of spotting you so they’re not an infinite source of rupees!

Shoot the cute lil blue rabbit for free money!

Cooking and Selling Food

Despite it feeling counter intuitive to sell your food, it can be quite a good way to make money. If you’ve got plenty of food stocked up for replenishing health, consider selling some foods to nearby vendors. Recipes made with prime meat can go for a pretty penny!

then place them in the fire to cook.

Completing Side Quests

Many of the side quests available to you will also reward you with rupees upon completion. You can head over to our side quest section for information on all side quests and rewards (work in progress).

The quest “Where are the Wells” is particuarly lucrative, as "Fera" iconFera at Riverside Stable will give you 10 rupees for every well you report to her…there are a lot of wells in this game!

Helping out the residents of Hyrule can be a lucrative business!

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