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Mattison's Independence

Jessica Dillon

There are quite a few side adventures placed around Hyrule. These are longer quests that make changes to major areas. If you want to get Link a house, then you will need to complete "Mattison's Independence" iconMattison’s Independence, a quest that can be quite difficult in several spots, especially since you have to find and gather "Sundelion" iconSundelions. The guide below goes over where to find "Mattison" iconMattisons, how to get her past "Haggie" iconHaggie, and where to find "Sundelion" iconSundelions in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.

Starting the "Mattison's Independence" iconMattison's Independence side adventure.

Where to Find Mattison

To get started on building Link’s new home, you will need to head to "Tarrey Town" iconTarrey Town in "Akkala Highlands" iconAkkala Highlands. This is a small town that is still being developed. Once here, go to the Construction Store, and you will find "Hudson" iconHudson and his wife "Rhondson" iconRhondson. They are wrapped up in preparing for their daughter "Mattison" iconMattison’s departure to Gerudo. After you speak with them, the side activity "Mattison's Independence" iconMattison’s Independence will trigger. Speak again with "Rhondson" iconRhondson and then "Hudson" iconHudson outside. Afterward, go to the left side of the shop and up the stairs to find "Mattison" iconMattison in her room. Speak with her, and she will run into town. You need to follow her.

Here you will find her teaching one of the elders about the Gerudo language. She will ask you what the work for grandma is in Gerudo, answer Vaba. After this, "Mattison" iconMattison will express that she wants to help her dad and run to the area near where the minecart to the construction site is sitting.

(1 of 3) Speak with "Hudson" iconHudson and "Rhondson" iconRhondson at the construction shop to start "Mattison's Independence" iconMattison's Independence.

How to Get Mattison to The Minecart

This next part is a bit tricky. Speak with "Mattison" iconMattison again, and she will complain that "Haggie" iconHaggie won’t let her use the minecart to visit the construction site. She will tell you to block his site so that she can use the minecart for free. This is a great chance to unlock the storeroom that "Rhondson" iconRhondson is having trouble with. Jump off the cliff directly behind the construction site and glide down into the cave, follow it to the end, and stand on the raised circle. You will want to use "Ascend" iconAscend here. Move the "Hudson" iconHudson cut out and open the door. "Rhondson" iconRhondson will thank you and will place four "Hudson" iconHudson cutouts behind the shop.

Grab these and fuse them together with something to hold them up in the back. You will want to place them in front of "Haggie" iconHaggie so that he can see "Mattison" iconMattison run by. Once you’re set-up, speak with "Mattison" iconMattison again, and tell her to run, she will get in the minecart and go to meet her dad at the front of the construction site.

(1 of 5) There's a cave below the construction shop.

Where to Find Sundelions

Go to the construction site yourself and speak with "Mattison" iconMattison of "Hudson" iconHudson to start the next part of the quest. "Hudson" iconHudson has built "Mattison" iconMattison a balloon to travel in safely but wants to color it yellow. To do this, he needs ten "Sundelion" iconSundelions. There are two "Sundelion" iconSundelions on the fallen sky blocks around the construction site. For the rest of them, you will need to go into the sky. The islands that you can reach after being shot out of the nearby Lookout Point have several "Sundelion" iconSundelions on them. Gather these and take them back to "Hudson" iconHudson to complete the quest.

The family will take Link for a ride in the yellow balloon, and "Mattison" iconMattison will leave for Gerudo. Afterward, both "Rhondson" iconRhondson and "Hudson" iconHudson will give you a "Silver Rupee" iconSilver Rupee, and you will be able to speak with "Rhondson" iconRhondson at the construction shop to build your dream home.

(1 of 3) "Hudson" iconHudson needs ten "Sundelion" iconSundelion to finish "Mattison" iconMattison's balloon.


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