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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Where to Find the Mayasiar Shrine

Jarrod Garripoli

This page offers a guide on how to complete "Mayasiar Shrine" iconMayasiar Shrine, which can be found in !Gerudo Highlands Sky in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (TOTK).

!Starview Island has the !Mayasiar Shrine, as well as a !Sage’s Will

Where to Find Mayasiar Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

There are a number of Shrines that you will find in the Sky portion of the game’s world, some of which will require you to either do a Shrine Quest or solve a puzzle. For the Mayasiar Shrine, you will find it inside of Starview Island, a spherical island in the !Gerudo Highlands Sky. Getting here can be an adventure of itself, but once you locate it, there will be an opening on the one side, so enter it to find a mirror puzzle waiting for you.

How to Reach Starview Island in Tears of the Kingdom

To begin, head to the "Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower" iconGerudo Highlands Skyview Tower, which is in a cold place, so you will need some protection from that. Upon activating the tower, launch yourself into the sky and look northeast to find a small island with a pillar on it. This small island will have a circular pool of water, and the pillar with have a light on top of it, so it’s not difficult to find. You’ll also know you’re in the correct spot, should you see two floating platforms on either side that have a Construct on them. Take care of the enemy, then look for the Rockets that should be on that platform. It does seem to be a little easier to head west on this initial island.

(1 of 3) Go to this island first after launching to the sky

Now, here is where you need to make a little bit of a choice, as you should see the spherical island not that far away from you. However, if you ever used a rocket, you will know they don’t last very long at all. The best thing to do is to aim the rockets so they propel you upwards, which means placing them on the sides of the floating platform. Once they run out of juice and the platform stops moving, you should be able to glide to the next available island/platform. Locate the next platform with a construct and do this over and over.

Eventually, you should reach a high enough little island that allows you to glide on over to the spherical island that is Starview Island. Head inside the opening to see a puzzle involving mirrors.

How to Complete the Mirror Puzzle on Starview Island

When you first enter Starview Island, there will be a bunch of mirrors on platforms and you should notice two targets for a light from the mirror reflections. There are also fans blowing air upwards that encircle the inner portion of the island, which will be helpful in reaching the upper platforms. Upon entering, find the central platform, which has a lever mechanism you can turn. If you look closely, there are lights coming out from this central platform, so as you rotate it, the light will also rotate.

(1 of 2) The central platform is where you want to start

The central platform is where you want to start (left), Rotate it until the light hits this mirror at the same level (right)

How to Get the Chest on Starview Island in Tears of the Kingdom

There is little deviation between getting the chest here and doing the mirror puzzle to get the shrine, so let’s start with the chest first. To begin, rotate the platform until the light shines on the mirror on the lowest platform, which will be the starting point here. This mirror will reflect the light onto the one on the ceiling, which you can’t move, then onto a third one on the side. Head to the third mirror and move it until the light reaches the one mirror a little lower, in the distance. From here, you can glide to this mirror and aim it at the next mirror in line.

(1 of 3) Rotate this second mirror to line up the light as shown

If you didn’t touch it, the mirror should automatically reflect it onto the switch in front of the chest and unlock the gate. Fly over to the island with the chest and open it for a "Sage's Will" iconSage’s Will.

You have most of the work done now, so it’s just a matter of setting the mirrors/light source right for the final bit. Return to the last mirror in the chain, which is one you didn’t need to turn, that shone the light on the chest switch. You will now want to rotate that one, so it hits the mirror on the big platform that you initially moved at the very beginning. From here, you just need to rotate that big platform to allow the mirror on it to aim at the other light switch.

(1 of 2) Rotate this mirror to hit the one on the central platform

Rotate this mirror to hit the one on the central platform (left), then just rotate that central platform until you hit the light switch to get the shrine (right)

Upon doing this correctly, the switch will get hit by the light and the Mayasiar Shrine will now appear. Enter the shrine to open the chest, which contains a Star-Fragment Staff, then head to the altar for your "Light of Blessing" iconLight of Blessing.

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