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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Complete Zelda's Golden Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

Jacob Woodward

In Tears of the Kingdom, the same horse riding mechanic that was introduced in Breath of the Wild is back, and with it comes new opportunities to mount some noble steeds. While most of these are pretty average horses that can be found roaming the plains of Hyrule, there is one that stands above the others - the golden horse.

Now, for this horse, you’re going to need to do some questing otherwise you’d never be able to get your hands on it. So, with that in mind, we’ve done all the steps you need to take to get this golden horse, and below, we’ll provide all we know.

How to Get Zelda’s Golden Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

As previously alluded to, to secure the shiny royal horse for yourself, you’re going to have to take part in some quests. The first of these is the Potential Princess Sightings side adventure which can be got by visiting the Lucky Clover Gazette. This is located in the north Tabatha Frontier region, close to Rito Village, and if you’re having issues finding it, take a look at this map marker.

The Lucky Clover Gazette in Tears of the Kingdom

Once there, you’ll need to spark up a conversation with "Traysi" iconTraysi and "Penn" iconPenn, interrupting their ‘secret’ chat. Traysi will then recognise you and then subsequently hire you for the Gazette, triggering the Potential Princess Sightings side adventure. This requires you to head to all of the stables in Hyrule to gather information on Zelda’s whereabouts.

Acquiring the Potential Princess Sightings side adventure

At this point, you only need to worry about one stable - "Snowfield Stable" iconSnowfield Stable, as this is where you need to head to in order to make progress toward Zelda’s Golden Horse. This stable is located in the south of Tabantha Tundra, next to the "Orochium Shrine" iconOrochium Shrine. Here’s another handy map marker if you still don’t know where to look.

After reaching the stable, you should be able to see Penn outside talking to another NPC. This person is called Harlow, and is distraught after losing exactly what you came to this guide for - Zelda’s Golden Horse. After listening in on this conversation, you’ll receive the side adventure of the same name.

Getting the !Zelda’s Golden Horse side adventure from !Snowfield Stable

Your task now is to actually find the horse in question. You are given a hint by Harlow that it is north near a flying monster but you’re not given much else, leaving you to go on the hunt for it. As we’ve secured the horse already, we know exactly where you need to go, so simply click this map marker and you’ll have the necessary information on its location.

After making your way to the spot, you should be able to notice the golden horse a mile off as it stands out massively against the snowy backdrop. Now you need to make your approach.

The gold horse in question in the distance

This horse doesn’t particularly spook like the other horses in Hyrule but it makes sense to crouch walk toward it anyway just in case. Once you’re at it, simply mount it like you would any other horse.

Here comes the hard part. You must significantly soothe the golden horse to make it yours, a challenge not for those lacking in stamina. Actually, we recommend that you have either two full stamina wheels ready for this, or enhance your stamina using energising food. Then, simply spam that L button to soothe the horse and it will be yours in no time.

(1 of 2) Using the Enduring Meat and Mushroom Skewer to ensure there’s enough stamina

Using the Enduring Meat and Mushroom Skewer to ensure there’s enough stamina (left), Soothing the gold horse (right)

After this, simply head back to the stable and speak with Harlow to complete the side adventure. She will then allow you to keep the horse for good by registering it at the stable.

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