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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Iceless Icehouse Walkthrough - Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Ben Chard

The Gerudo region is a difficult one to navigate, until you’ve finished the main quest there, you’ll have little help in the ways of navigation. Still, there are plenty of Side Quests to be found throughout the region, some which focus on combat, and some simpler ones that require you to perform a simple task. This page will take you through how to discover the Icehouse and complete the Iceless Icehouse side quest.

The Iceless Icehouse is a Side Quest in the Gerudo region.

Anche, who runs the icehouse, is having a problem. The temperatures in the desert have risen high enough that it’s nearly impossible for ice to form.

Anche is busy trying to figure out how to make ice.

How to Begin The Iceless Icehouse Side Quest in TOTK

Before you set off on this Quest, check your supplies as you’ll need a few items that you won’t be able to source on location. You’ll want some way of forming ice from water, "Ice Fruit" iconIce Fruit or Ice Chuchu Jelly works best for this. You’ll also want a way of creating a fire, be it a fire elemental weapon, or some "Wood" iconWood you can set alight with "Arrow" iconArrows and "Fire Fruit" iconFire Fruit.

The next step of this quest is finding the starting location, and you’ll task will be more difficult if you’ve yet to complete the Lightning Temple and wrapped up the main questline in the Gerudo region. Still, if you’ve at least been to Gerudo Town and activated the Shrine there, it’s easy to reach the Northern Icehouse.

(1 of 3) Look for the structure just to the north of the North Gerudo Ruins

If you look at your map, you’ll see that there’s a structure just north of the North Gerudo Ruins, this is the Northern Icehouse that you’re aiming for. Leap from your starting position and start gliding, then use the currents you pass by to raise yourself into the air and continue gliding north. You should land in the ruins but continue heading north and you’ll eventually reach the Icehouse, where you’ll see some stairs leading down to Anche.

How to Complete The Iceless Icehouse Side Quest in TOTK

You’ll learn from Anche that due to the temperatures increasing in the Gerudo region, creating and transporting ice has become an increasingly larger problem. Fortunately, you paid attention at the start of this page and have some Ice Fruits or Jellies on hand, attach one to an arrow and fire at the water to create a block of ice. Anche will thank Link, but then request you find a way to fit the block of ice into the alcove.

This is where the fire comes into play, you’ll need to conjure up some kind of fire, such as the flames of an elemental weapon. By far the easiest way of doing this, however, is to bring some wood, drop it on the floor away from the alcove and light with a fire arrow (Fire Fruit). Now, use "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand to pick up your block of ice and gradually melt it by having it hover over the flames.

You need to get the size just right or Anche will ask you to create another block of ice, so take the time to keep checking if it will fit in the alcove. Once you get it right, speak with Anche one final time and you’ll complete the quest, obtaining a "Purple Rupee" iconPurple Rupee (50) as a reward.

(1 of 3) Use Ice Arrows to create a block of ice

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