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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Beat Master Kohga in Great Abandoned Central Mine

Jacob Woodward

In Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll come across a few familiar faces that have inhibited the world from previous games. Master Kohga is one of these, who makes an appearance once again after his introduction in Breath of the Wild, ready to take anyone down who opposes the Yiga Clan.

Below, we’ll detail "Master Kohga" iconMaster Kohga’s exact location in Tears of the Kingdom as well as how to beat him since his mechanics have had a serious overhaul compared to that in the previous game. Read on for all you need to know about this anti-Sheikah menace.

Master Kohga Location in Tears of the Kingdom

For where to find Master Kohga, you’ll be heading to the dreaded Depths. More specifically, he spawns exactly after you receive "Autobuild" iconAutobuild, one of Link’s new abilities. This is within the Great Abandoned Central Mine so if you already have this on your map, go right to it.

If you haven’t done this yet though, simply follow our how to get Autobuild guide and you’ll have your matchup against this talkative Clan leader.

Master Kohga in Tears of the Kingdom

How to Beat Master Kohga in Great Abandoned Central Mine

Now, onto how to beat this masked warrior.

After encountering him post receiving Autobuild, you’ll be teleported to the round battling arena area within the Great Abandoned Central Mine. Unlike other boss battle areas in the game, this one is quite limiting since all of the sides become enclosed, not allowing you to escape and potentially return to the fight at a later date.

The reason why is because Master Kohga utilizes a fused vehicle as his main method of attack, so it does make sense for the area to be gated in an effort to not make things too crazy in the Depths.

Master Kohga’s vehicle in action

Once Master Kohga mounts his ramming vehicle, you’ll soon realise that it has a bunch of spikes on the front of it. You’ll naturally want to be avoiding these at all costs since this is the primary method of damage infliction Kohga will be doing. Just be agile and have him in your view at all times and you’ll be ok.

Now the basics are out the way, time to talk about getting that health bar down. As Kohga is always on the move, you’re going to want to get the bow out for this fight. More specifically, we’d suggest firing arrows that have "Keese Eyeball" iconKeese Eyeballs attached since these have a homing effect, making your life that bit easier. If you’re a crack shot, don’t worry about this though as they’re not absolutely necessary.

(1 of 2) Using a bow and arrow to hit Master Kohga

Using a bow and arrow to hit Master Kohga (left), Utilizing Keese Eyeball arrows for their homing effects (right)

Once you do hit Kohga with an arrow of any sort, he will fall off his vehicle and be stunned momentarily. This is your opportunity to get close enough to get a melee attack off with whatever weapons you have in your inventory. Simply wail on him to get as many hits in as possible and once this phase subsides, he will teleport and go back into his vehicle.

Master Kohga stunned after receiving a hit from an arrow

As you do more and more damage, Kohga will upgrade his vehicle. First, he will add some more protection to the top and then subsequently a shield where his front viewport is, and even sides to prevent your arrows from reaching him. Finally, he will have an enhanced charge attack that will send you flying. This is easy to spot as he will stop momentarily, providing you with a tell that this will be happening. To avoid this, simply run as fast you can to either side and you should be able to dodge it pretty easily.

Since Kohga’s vehicle will be upgraded to the max, it will be hard to hit him. So, your best bet here is to wait for a charge attack, dodge, and allow him to hit the wall of the arena.

(1 of 3) Master Kohga’s fully upgraded vehicle

This will make him stop momentarily allowing you to get arrows off, and even enough time to run up and get physical attacks in, hopefully finishing him off.

At this point, you have all you need to know about defeating Kohga. Simply rinse and repeat the arrow to melee attack phase and you’ll have Kohga down in no time.

For your reward for defeating him, you’ll receive a "Huge Crystallized Charge" iconHuge Crystallized Charge. This is an extremely useful item since it will directly influence the number of "Energy Cell" iconEnergy Cells you have if you choose to cash them in at one of the Constructs.

The Huge Crystallized Charge reward for beating Master Kohga

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