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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Complete Bring Peace to Hyrule Field

Shane Williams

Once you are finally venturing out into the Hyrule, you will start encountering Side Adventures which are a new addition to TOTK and this page will navigate you through the necessary to completing the very first one you find which is called "Bring Peace to Hyrule Field" iconBring Peace to Hyrule Field.

You’ll find Hoz walking around to the southwest of the Hyrule Field Chasm.

A monster-control crew squad led by "Hoz" iconHoz is on its way to a monster stronghold in Hyrule Field. Once they approach it, they’ll wait for an opportunity to strike. Join the squad as they head to the stronghold

Bring Peace to Hyrule Field Objectives

Where to Find Bring Peace to Hyrule Field

Once you’ve made your way down onto the Hyrule Surface after completing the tutorials up on the Great Sky Island you’ll want to complete the Main Quest "Crisis at Hyrule Castle" iconCrisis at Hyrule Castle as this quest will give you access to your "Paraglider" iconParaglider and you’ll learn how to activate towers which will reveal any nearby activities.

After you’ve finished the quest you’ll want to head to the "Jiosin Shrine" iconJiosin Shrine which is located to the south of "Lookout Landing" iconLookout Landing, then you’ll want to walk up and down the road to the southwest of The Depths ("Hyrule Field Chasm" iconHyrule Field Chasm) until you come across a group of soldiers. Speak with Hoz who is the chap on the horse, then you’ll find out that the platoon is about to attack a Monster Stronghold.

How to Attack The Monster Stronghold

Before you follow them into battle you’ll want to take an amount to make some food which you can use to replenish health in the event you get hit. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you’re carrying a large amount of Fused Weapons, as these will allow you deal more damage. When you’re fully prepared follow Hoz and his team and wait for Hoz to give the go ahead before rushing into the camp. Here you’ll see the name “Monster Forces” and a health bar at the top of your screen which indicates how many enemies are left on the field.

(1 of 3) Group up on one enemy with multiple teammates.

The best way to tackle these enemies without getting killed is to stick close to your teammates and attack the same enemy so you can deplete their health quicker or alternatively stay behind and pick them off with a Bow and "Arrow" iconArrows. You’ll also want to try and fight enemies which aren’t in a group, as you’ll find yourself getting hit in the back a lot. If you take damage, then you’ll want to back away and eat some food until your hearts have been replenished before rejoining. Once the large "Moblin" iconMoblin is the final enemy left on the field, then you’ll want to get back and use Fire Arrows which can be done by fusing your arrows with "Fire Fruit" iconFire Fruit. After the enemies have been defeated Hoz will do a speech, then you’ll be rewarded with One "Silver Rupee" iconSilver Rupee which is worth 100 Rupees and the adventure will come to a close!

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