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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Where to Find The Five Padlocks in The Fire Temple

Jessica Dillon

While the Fire Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom may look like a confusing mess of minecart tracks, it actually has a pretty straightforward path for you to follow. There are five different levels you will need to visit in order to unlock the boss room. You traverse the levels by minecart, with a bit of gliding and climbing lightly tossed into the mix. The guide below goes over where to find all five Gongs in the "Fire Temple" iconFire Temple.

The Fire Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.

How To Unlock All Padlocks in The Fire Temple in Zelda TotK

When you get to the Fire Temple, you will notice a large boulder blocking it. Use Yunobo to smash through it and interact with the statue on the right. In order to get into the boss room, you will need to unlock five padlocks by hitting Gongs with !Yunobo throughout the Fire Temple. Unlock the Wind Temple and Water Temple, though. The Fire Temple is confusing and can easily get players turned around. The chart below shows all five Gong locations.

Wind Turbines Map Location
Gong 1 Map Marker
Gong 2 Map Marker
Gong 3 Map Marker
Gong 4 Map Marker
Gong 5 Map Marker

1st Padlock: Across The Small Lava Pit on Floor 1

For the first padlock, you will want to take the path to the right when heading back toward the Fire Temple entrance. There will be a Construct waiting to fight you, making it easy to find. Go into the room, and jump on the floating rocks to get across the first lava river. On your left will be several Hydrants. Hit one to activate it, and then have Link pick it up. You will want to carry it to the large lava pond and let the water pour for a short pit on the lava in front of you. This will create a rock for you to jump on with the hydrant. Repeat this process until you reach the minecart on the other side.

Jump in the Minecart, and shortly after you start your ride. You will see a large device with a glowing arrow, the switch with Yunobo to change the direction of the track and reach the next part of the temple. If you miss it, you will circle back around to the start. Once you reach the next area, You will see a few Zonai Capsules. Grab them and one of the Hydrants. You will want to walk down the path with the "Fire Like" iconFire Like. Use the Hydrant to down him, and then hit the exposed ball to kill him. He will drop a chest with a "Strong Zonaite Shield" iconStrong Zonaite Shield.

You will want to use the Hydrant on the lava river down from him to make several rock pieces. Use "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand to fuse these together to make a bridge for! Yunobo to roll over and break the large rock in front of you. Once the rock is broken, go into the room, and you will see a Gong. Use !Yunobo again to activate it and drop the first padlock.

(1 of 5) Use Hydrants to make rocks out of lava.

2nd Padlock: Across The Small Lava Pit on Floor 2

You will now need to go back to the minecart that you first rode in on. There will be a switch next to the gate on the track, hit it, and jump back in your minecart to go to the second floor. There will be a rock in your way, as well as a Construct riding in a minecart. Use !Yunobo to destroy them both. Once you arrive on floor 2, you will want to stop at a small room, use a weapon on the switch to turn yourself around, and then quickly hit the large device with !Yunobo to move further into the second floor. You will need to jump out or stop the cart at the middle islands with the "Rock Like" iconRock Likes. These enemies are on fire, and you will need to destroy them with a weapon that has a rock on the end.

Move over to the next minecart track and hit the switch nearby, this will move the tracks in front of you down so that you can cross. Once you are in the next room, grab the Hydrant and make a bridge to help Yunobo smash the large rock. This will allow the water to pour onto the water, and it will make a bridge that Link and Yunobo can cross. This will lead you to the second Gong. Hit it with Yunobo to unlock the second padlock.

(1 of 5) Use the switch to turn the minecart around.

3rd Padlock: How to Reach Floor 5

Next, you will need to head to the third floor. To do this, shoot an arrow across the Fire Temple and hit the switch you used to move the track down. This will move it back so that you can reach the third floor. Hop in your minecart, and you will arrive at an area with several different tracks and a Construct. You will want to take the track in the top right corner of the room, but you will notice that part of the rails are broken.

Place a minecart on the track, and attach Rockets to it. You can find a !Rocket to the left of the track. Once you are ready, hit the devices, and the minecarts will take off. It will likely go off the tracks but place you high enough to glide onto the fourth floor. Defeat the construct in front of you, and ignore the minecarts with hooks attached for now. You will want to run straight ahead and climb the small downed bridge. Use Ultrahand on the two metal grates to make a ramp and bring them back to the bridge that’s split in half nearest to the minecart tracks. Be sure to grab the "Arrow" iconArrows from the chest that was under them.

You will want to make a ramp by attaching the grates to the end of the bridge so that !Yunobo can break the large rock. Once this is done, climb to where the rock was. You can see the fifth floor by looking up and will notice that there are no tracks to ride there. From here, you will want to climb up to the fifth floor. There are plenty of places to rest if you haven’t upgraded your stamina. Once you reach the top, you will see the third Gong, Hit it with !Yunobo to undo another padlock. You will now want to bust the large rock and drop back down to the fourth floor.

(1 of 5) Use arrows to hit the switch and change the track.

4th Padlock: How to Hit The Gong in The Lava Pool

You will now want to go back to the minecarts that are hooked together. Untangle them, and then place the hook in the center of one of the minecarts. You will want to put a Fan on the back of it and then place it on the right rail. Ride it to the next room, and use the outside of the temple walls to walk around the left side to the next room with minecarts. You will want to take the track that is leading up, be careful though you will wreck into a minecart with a Construct in it at the top.

Once you are in the next room, look down, and you will see the room with the fourth Gong. Glide down, and once you land, you will immediately see the next Gong, but it’s on a cliff in a pool of lava. You will also see a small ramp and another cliff with a breakable rock. Go to the bottom of the ramp and use !Yunobo’s attack to break the rock.

You will now see two fire Hydrants on another cliff, activate them with an arrow, and they will start making rocks out of cooled lava. Quickly move the rocks so more can be made and use them to make a ramp with Ultrahand. Once you’re done, you can shoot !Yunobo off the ramp to hit the Gong. Alternatively, you can make a full bridge, but this will take much longer to create. This is a little tricky to do at first, but once you have the height and placement right, you can easily hit the Gong with !Yunobo. This will undo the fourth padlock, and the fifth one is reachable from a room that is right behind you.

(1 of 5) Place a minecart with a hook on the right rail.

5th Padlock: How to Get in the Locked Door on Floor 1

Behind you, in the same room as the fourth Gong, you will see a room with a large breakable rock. You will once again want to build a ramp using the rocks created by the !Hydrants pouring into the water pool. This is a bit trickier as you will need to get the right height and place the ramp in just the right spot so that !Yunobo can fly over the hall and smash into the boulder. Once you break the rock, make the ramp high enough so that Link can safely glide over to the room.

(1 of 3) Find the large boulder behind you from the fourth Gong.

Once inside, you will see a large hole in the floor. Jump down. This will lead you back to the first floor. You will now be inside the locked door with a Gong. Hit it, and the final padlock will come down. All you need to do now is hit the switch to open the gate and walk back to the statue. Interact with it, and the bridge to the boss room will drop down. Inside you will fight the "Marbled Gohma" iconMarbled Gohma. Luckily, this is a rather easy fight once you get the mechanics down.

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