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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Complete the Tabantha Sky Crystal Shrine Quest

Jarrod Garripoli

You will run into a number of Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which are important, as they give you items that allow you to increase your maximum health and stamina. There’s a total of 152 shrines in the game, but some of them will require you to do a quest first, before you will be able to enter them. Such is the case for the Ganos Shrine, which is located in the !Tabantha Frontier Sky. This page will detail how to get to the Ganos Shrine and complete its related quest, The Tabantha Sky Crystal.

You’ll need to do this side quest to open up the Ganos Shrine.

Where to Start The Tabantha Sky Crystal in Tears of the Kingdom

The "Ganos Shrine" iconGanos Shrine is located in the Tabantha Sky Archipelago, which is actually kind of tricky to get to, as there isn’t that close of a Skyview Tower that allows you to directly go to the island with the shrine. Your best bet is to start from the "Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower" iconGerudo Highlands Skyview Tower, which is better than the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. The reason for this is whenever you get to the sky, there will be an island northeast of the tower that you can land on. As you’re moving through this portion of the sky, you will notice that the gravity is lower, meaning you’ll have an easier time moving through the air.

After landing on the one island, you should see two floating platforms off to either side, with a Construct on them. They will be using bows and attaching rockets to them, so be mindful of that. Defeat the Construct on the platform, then use the Rockets on that platform to get to the higher spots. Repeat this until you can reach the spherical island, known as Starview Island. Inside is a puzzle and if you wish to solve it, head on over to the Mayasiar Shrine page. Get to the top of the island (you can use "Ascend" iconAscend on the highest platform to get to the outside), then look to the north, as that is where you will be going.

(1 of 4) Launch from the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower and land on this small island.

You should be able to glide all the way there from the top of Starview, as long as you have the stamina for it. You’ll know it’s the island, as you can see the piston in the middle of it, as well as the device dispenser on the one side. If you want to go a little safer, there is a lower platform, that is an arena for a "Flux Construct III" iconFlux Construct III boss. You will actually be heading here in a little bit, so it cuts out the middleman of actually going to the shrine first.

How to Defeat the Flux Construct III in Tears of the Kingdom

Like a lot of the Shrine Quests that are missing their crystals, especially in the sky, you will need to procure it from the aforementioned Flux Construct III. Look over the northern end of the island with the shrine, to spot a lower island with the boss. If you’ve never fought a Flux Construct III before, it’s the toughest version of the boss, but it’s not a huge challenge. The important thing to remember is that its weak spot is only a single block, and the boss will change the location of it every few seconds.

(1 of 3) The crystal will be on this island below the shrine.

Since this is the case, the best thing to do here is dodge its attacks, until the weak block is in a good spot. Once it is in a prime spot, switch to "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand and grab the block, then pull it towards you until it breaks free, which will cause the boss to just fall apart. This will give you some seconds to attack the weak block with your strongest weapon, until it reforms and goes on the attack again. It’s important that you don’t technically need to defeat the Construct here, as you simply need the crystal. However, the goodies you get, especially the Core, are worth taking down the boss.

How to Get the Crystal to Ganos Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

You’ve defeated the boss and have the crystal, so you’ll need to bring it back to the shrine. Carry the crystal back, across the bridge, and to the adjacent island, where you will find a premade flying device. It should already have some Fans on it, as well as a Steering Stick and Batteries. To be a little bit safer, you will find some extra Batteries to the side, so put them on it, too, and don’t forget to attach the crystal.

(1 of 2) Attach the crystal to the premade flying machine on the adjacent island.

Attach the crystal to the premade flying machine on the adjacent island. (left), Put the extra nearby batteries on it to get back to the island with the shrine. (right)

All of the batteries should provide more than enough juice to get the crystal to the island above you, with the shrine. Just be careful that you don’t go too high and get off of the stick, causing the crystal to plummet to the surface below (this would cause it to reset to the island below you). Once you are safely on the island with the shrine, detach the crystal and carry it over, opening the shrine itself. Enter the shrine and open the chest for a "Diamond" iconDiamond, then go to the altar for the "Light of Blessing" iconLight of Blessing.

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