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Where to Find The Fire Temple in The Death Mountain Depths

Jessica Dillon

The road from Gerudo City to the "Fire Temple" iconFire Temple is pretty complicated. Not only do you have to defeat two mini-bosses and climb up to the "Death Mountain" iconDeath Mountain summit, but you also must navigate The Depths. The "Death Mountain Depths" iconDeath Mountain Depths are pretty straightforward as long as you don’t get turned around at any point. The guide below is here to help you navigate the "Death Mountain Depths" iconDeath Mountain Depths and reach the "Fire Temple" iconFire Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.

"Fire Temple" iconFire Temple in the distance of the "Death Mountain" iconDeath Mountain Deaths.

How to Reach The Fire Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

The "Fire Temple" iconFire Temple is a bit different from the others as it’s actually in The Depths instead of floating in the sky. Once you defeat Moragia at the mountain summit, you will need to dive into the mountain. If you haven’t spent time exploring The Depths before, we strongly urge you to check out this guide as it’s completely different from the sky and surface. Once you use your glider to land, you will quickly notice that the area around you is dark. Go to the Mutis Lightroot and activate it to light the area around you.

Once it’s activated, you should speak with "Yunobo" iconYunobo, who is standing right next to the Lightroot. He will tell you that the voice he heard is coming from deeper in The Depths. Go in the direction of the voice and use "Brightbloom Seed" iconBrightbloom Seeds to give you additional light. Depending on the way you go, you will need to fight a few enemies along the way, like "Black Bokoblin" iconBlack Bokoblins and "Fire Chuchu" iconFire Chuchus. There is also lava flowing around the depths, and stepping in it will cause Link to be killed or moved back to the edge of the lava. Try to go towards the statues to keep yourself on track. Before long, you should reach an area with several "Poe" iconPoe floating around and a Zonai Dispenser. Grab the "Poe" iconPoe, as they can be traded at statues for Gloom Resistant gear.

(1 of 3) Make sure you have "Brightbloom Seed" iconBrightbloom Seeds

You will see some lava flowing down from a darkened cliff and an obvious path in front of the Zonai Dispenser. Use a "Brightbloom Seed" iconBrightbloom Seed to light up the wall, then climb up it. From here on out, you will need to make use of "Brightbloom Seed" iconBrightbloom Seeds to find your way. You will come to some more cliffs and a Zonai car. Use a "Brightbloom Seed" iconBrightbloom Seed in the wall in front of you and start to climb up, don’t get tricked by the car as it won’t be able to climb walls that steep, and you will likely fall into the lava. Once you are up the longer wall, you should see a minecart track and some "Black Bokoblin" iconBlack Bokoblins in the distance. From here, you can also see the "Fire Temple" iconFire Temple.

Take the "Black Bokoblin" iconBlack Bokoblins out, and place a nearby minecart on the track. Make sure to put the "Fan" iconFan on it. Jump in and activate it for a quick ride to the "Fire Temple" iconFire Temple. There are several enemies along the way, like "Horriblin" iconHorriblin. Use "Yunobo" iconYunobo’s attack to deal with them so that Link doesn’t take damage. Before long, you will arrive at some steps that lead to the "Fire Temple" iconFire Temple, and another cutscene will begin to play.

(1 of 3) When you see two groups of "Poe" iconPoe you're on the right track.


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