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How to Complete The Water Temple - All Four Faucet Locations

Jessica Dillon

Before you can save Hyrule, you will need to visit a few locations around the map. This includes the "Water Temple" iconWater Temple, the dungeon floating above "Zora's Domain" iconZora’s Domain. The "Water Temple" iconWater Temple is rather small, but it still has enough puzzles to be confusing. The guide below goes over how to turn on all four faucets and get to the final boss of the "Water Temple" iconWater Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.

The "Water Temple" iconWater Temple's opening cutscene.


Once you climb the waterfall and interact with the statue, the "Water Temple" iconWater Temple will activate. There are four faucets that you will need to turn on by spinning water wheels to activate the boss of the "Water Temple" iconWater Temple. The chart below links to their map locations.

Faucet Map Location
Faucet 1 Map Marker
Faucet 2 Map Marker
Faucet 3 Map Marker
Faucet 4 Map Marker

1st Faucet Left Water Temple - How to Empty The Pond

For the first faucet, go to the bottom left island. You will see some rubble that lets you easily climb to the first island. You will find three Constructs and a pond here. You can easily kill the Constructs in the "Water Temple" iconWater Temple by knocking them into the ponds. Once they have been dealt with, head towards the next island, there will be a bubble machine covered in gunk. Use "Sidon" iconSidon’s power of a Water Fruit to move the gunk. You will now want to run back to the pond and grab the orb. Place it in the next bubble that pops out so that it will float up to the next island.

You will want to ride the next bubble up. Once on the island, Use "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand and it will reveal a movable lever across from the waterfall, in front of the area where you place the orb. Grab the nearby "Hover Stone" iconHover Stone, and attach it to the lever. You will want to make sure it’s still activated and then use "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand to pull the lever all the way up. This will drain the pond. Place the orb in its holder, and the gate to the first water wheel will open. Use "Sidon" iconSidon’s power to turn the wheel and activate the faucet.

(1 of 4) Grab the orb from the water.

2nd Faucet Water Temple B1 - How to Open The Gate

For the next water wheel, you will want to look from the island with the first water wheel back towards the center temple. You will see some stairs going down the side and a door with flames blocking it. Fly down and speak with "Sidon" iconSidon to shield yourself with water. You can now run through the flames. Once you are inside, there is a switch to your left, right beside the door, jump with a weapon, and slam down on it to extinguish the flames and let "Sidon" iconSidon in.

You will see that the water wheel is locked behind a gate. Head further in, and you will see several "Hover Stone" iconHover Stones and a spike pit. You will need to use "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand to make a bride over the spike put and grab the orb on the other side. To get it back, you will need to use "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand to place the orb on the "Hover Stone" iconHover Stones and then jump across. This is fairly easy, but it can be time-consuming if the "Hover Stone" iconHover Stones run out of energy and fall to the ground before you can climb back up to the area with the water wheel.

Once you are up top, take the orb and hold it in the orb holder with "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand. You will want to do this for a few seconds before letting it go. Once it falls, let it roll for a bit, and then use Rewind. Get to the gate, and wait for the orb to move back into the holder. The gate will open, go through it and activate the second water wheel.

(1 of 4) Shield yourself with "Sidon" iconSidon's water and run through the fire.

3rd Faucet Right Water Temple - How to Power The Gate

For the next faucet, you will need to travel to the right side of the "Water Temple" iconWater Temple. You can use the bubble maker to ride up to the island nearest to the faucets. Be careful once there as a Flame Like will be shooting fireballs in the area. Directly in front of you is another bubble machine, but this time it’s upside down on some floating rocks. Wait for the bubble to fall down, and then use Rewind. Jump inside, and it will float you up to the island with the next water wheel.

Here you will find the gate to the water wheel sealed and an outer water wheel nearby. In the hole near the outer water wheel, you will find two pieces of stone placed on each end of the wheel, and then move it with "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand until one stone touches the waterfall. The wheel will now turn on its own. Move back toward the sealed water wheel, and you will see that there is a gap between the walls. A bubble maker is directly behind them, use "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand to grab a bubble and place it in the gap. When in the correct spot, you will see electricity, and the gate will open. The bubble will move and eventually pop, so hurry inside and activate the water wheel.

(1 of 3) Use Rewind on the falling bubble.

4th Faucet Right Water Temple : Where to Find The Switch

You will now want to go to the right to the end of the island with the third water wheel. Jump in the bubble at the end and use it to get high enough to glide to the last island. Once there, you will see a few "Chuchu" iconChuchus and Constructs fighting each other. Let the Constructs take out the "Chuchu" iconChuchus and then knock them both into the water. You will now want to use the "Hover Stone" iconHover Stones to climb up to the rapidly spinning tower.

Once there, use "Sidon" iconSidon’s power or equip an arrow with a Water Fruit. If you have arrows, climb slightly above the tower, and jump off to slow time, you will need to hit the opening twice, once with water to clean the switch and the second time with a normal arrow to activate the switch and open the gate to the final water wheel. Once this is done, go back to the center of the "Water Temple" iconWater Temple and interact with the statue, the water will wash away the gunk revealing the boss "Mucktorok" iconMucktorok.

(1 of 3) Ride the bubble to the "Water Temple" iconWater Temple's last island.


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