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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Ousting The Giants Walkthrough - Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

Jessica Dillon

There are a ton of quests for you to complete around Hyrule in Tears of The Kingdom. Faron is one of the least quest-dense areas in the game, but you can still find a few things to do around the region. One of the quests in the region, Ousting The Giants, has you fight three "Hinox" iconHinox brothers that have taken up residence in some local caves. The guide below goes over where to find all three Hinox brothers and gives you some tips on beating them.

Speak with Kampo at Lakeside Stable to start Ousting The Giants.

Where to Find The Three Hinox Brothers

To start Ousting The Giants, you will need to travel to the Faron region’s Lakeside Stable. Outside of the stable, you will find a man by the name of Kampo. Speaking with him will reveal that the three lakes north of the stable are full of mining spots, but a group of three Hinox brothers has recently moved in making mining impossible. You are tasked with venturing to all three lake caves to take out each brother. If you want to move around the lakes quickly, then use the "Zora Armor" iconZora Armor to swim up the waterfalls instead of climbing. The three cave locations you will be venturing to are as follows:

The easiest of these three caves to start with is the Rodai Lakefront Tunnel as it contains the youngest Hinox Brother, a Red Hinox. To find him, simply enter the cave, and jump into the hole. The area is dark so use "Brightbloom Seed" iconBrightbloom Seeds to light the room before approaching the Youngest Hinox Brother. This will allow you to move around while fighting without running into a wall. In all three of these fights, it’s best to find a way to jump and aim your bow in mid-air, this will slow time allowing you to easily hit the Hinox Brothers in the eye, stunning them. For more information on fighting a Hinox, check out our boss guide on them here.

For the middle Hinox Brother, you are going to go to Corta Lake Cave. Once you enter the cave, jump down the hole and use a "Bomb Flower" iconBomb Flower to break the rock on the west end, this will open an air current. Ride the current up into the room with the middle brother, a "Blue Hinox" iconBlue Hinox. When you are ready to fight him, approach him and he will wake up. This fight is a little tougher, but just using the Hinox’s weak point should allow you to gain the upper hand in the fight.

Next, you will want to head to "Calora Lake Cave" iconCalora Lake Cave, where you will find a "Black Hinox" iconBlack Hinox, the oldest brother. You will be heading into another large hole in the cave, with the Hinox at the bottom. You will notice several exploding barrels around that you can use to get an upper hand on the middle brother. Thanks to the barrels, this is the easiest of the fights as you can simply move them into position with "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand, then drop them on the Hinox or place them and then ignite them with an arrow.

(1 of 8) Head to Rodai Lakefront Tunnel to find the youngest Hinox Brother.

Once you have defeated all three brothers, warp back to !Lakeside Stable and speak with Kampo. Upon telling him you have cleared the caves he will give you Mighty Fried Bananas as a reward. While this isn’t a lot for the amount of work you’ve done, you can now freely mine in the caves as they contain a lot of resources. In addition, all three caves have their own Bubbul Frog for you to find, making it a must for you to revisit them.

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