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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Complete Dyeing to Find it Shrine Quest

Jacob Woodward

In Tears of the Kingdom, akin to its baby brother Breath of the Wild, shrines make a come back albeit with a slightly different look and feel. What also makes a return are shrine quests, small little escapades that you need to go on to unlock a certain number of said shrines in the game, contrary to just stumbling across them on your travels.

One of these shrine quests is named Dyeing to Find it, and it is a particularly awkward one as you’re given a hint as to how to complete it but the solution is still a bit ambiguous.

Below, we’ll be giving you a full run through on how to complete the Dyeing to Find it Shrine Quest so you can give your brain a little rest in time for the next challenge that comes your way.

Where to find Dyeing to Find it Shrine Quest

Your first task is locating this shrine quest, as like most other aspects of this game, it is not marked on the map and you would need to simply explore to come across it.

You’ll need to head for Lanayru to start this one, specifically in the Rabia Plain area within this region, just east of Quatta’s Shelf. It’s elevated on a small rock face, and you’ll know you’re there because you should be able to see a "Steward Construct" iconSteward Construct and a rotary machine.

If you’re still having trouble though based on this description simply click this map marker to take you to the spot on our interactive map.

How to Complete Dyeing to Find it Shrine Quest

Once you’ve made it to the quest area, to start the quest talk to the Steward Construct. It will explain that you are on sacred land and it was placed there to convey one message - “Dye the white pattern black when the sun awakens in the sky. Then the sacred shrine will appear.”

The hint from the !Steward Construct

This is basically your hint for unveiling the hidden shrine, but dyeing patterns different colours isn’t something that you can do. So, what this actually means is that you need to utilise the sun and the subsequent shadows to complete the riddle.

To start, you’ll need to first get the sun in the right position. This is done by lighting and waiting at the fire next to the Construct until Morning. Once the waiting process is complete, the time should be between 5-6 AM and this is your window of opportunity to solve the puzzle.

Using the nearby fire to progres time until morning

You’ll have to use "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand to pick up one of the wooden panels and then insert it into the side of the stone structure next to you. After you’ve done this, you’ll now need to rotate the structure using the rotary contraption.

(1 of 2) Inserting the wooden panel into the stone structure slot

Inserting the wooden panel into the stone structure slot (left), Using the rotary contraption to move the structure, aligning the shadows (right)

Your goal here is to line up the shadow with the diagram on the slide of the rock face so keep turning it until they both line up perfectly. This can be a little awkward, especially if you’re not fast as the sun moves as time goes on also, so aim to be as quick as possible.

Once the shadow does align, you’ll get a little cutscene of the shrine making an appearance as if from nowhere and thus completing the Dyeing to Find it Shrine Quest. There are no rewards for completing this apart from what’s contained in the shrine.

(1 of 2) The fully aligned shadow

The fully aligned shadow (left), The shrine making its way into the game upon completion of the shrine quest (right)

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