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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Complete Impa and The Geoglyphs

Shane Williams

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom released on the 12th of May 2023 and it brings some new additions, such as Geoglyphs which give you interesting cutscenes related to "Princess Zelda" iconPrincess Zelda. This page will navigate you through the necessary steps to finding and completing the "Impa" iconImpa and The Geoglyphs Main Quest.

Speak with Cado to begin the Quest.

You found a pool in a geoglyph that was likely one of the Dragon’s Tears. Upon touching it, you had a strange vision about Princess Zelda. Impa believes that the Dragon’s Tears are connected to the princess in some way. Go in search of every geoglyph to find more clues about what’s happened to her.

Impa and The Geoglyphs Steps

  1. Speak with Cado
  2. Fix the Hot Air Balloon
  3. Find The Dragon Tear

Where to Start The Impa and The Geoglyphs

In order to start this Main Quest you’ll want to visit New Serenne Stable which is located in Hyrule Ridge. The fastest way to reach it is by fast traveling to the "Ishodag Shrine" iconIshodag Shrine and crossing the bridge to the northwest. When you arrive you’ll want to speak with "Cado" iconCado who can be found standing opposite to the stable and looking out towards the Geoglyphs in the distance.

How to Fix The Hot Air Balloon

(1 of 2) Use Ultrahand to connect the balloon back to the platform.

Use Ultrahand to connect the balloon back to the platform. (left), Use the Torch and Campfire to light the balloons fire. (right)

Once you’ve accepted the quest head over to the platform that is sitting in the center of the field and speak with the Impa to learn more about Geoglyphs, then you’ll need to fix her broken Hot Air Balloon. You can do this by activating the "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand Ability and picking it up, then rotate it so its upright and attach it to the bottom. Speak with the Impa again and she’ll offer you to look at the Geoglyph with her.

However, before the balloon can take you up you’ll need to light the fire, so pick up the nearby torch and approach the campfire to ignite it, then strike the wood in the balloon and quickly step on the balloon before it gets too high. If the Hot Air !Balloon has gone without you, then quickly activate "Recall" iconRecall and wait for it to come back down.

Where To Find The Dragon Tear

(1 of 2) Head to the top of the geoglyph

Head to the top of the geoglyph (left), to find the tear. (right)

After the cutscene you’ll want to glide back down to the surface and walk up to the top of the hill, then you’ll come across a small pool of water. Interact with it and a cutscene will show a memory of what happened to Princess Zelda will play out, then the quest will come to a close. You’ll then be given another Main Quest “The Dragon Tears” and it’ll require you to find all 18 memories in order to get the full story.

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