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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Gloom-Borne Illness

Jarrod Garripoli

There are a number of Side Quests to be found in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, with a few available in Kakariko Village. One such Side Quest involves the Armor Shop there, which has its pieces of armor set at very high prices. This page will detail where to start, and how to complete, the Gloom-Borne Illness side quest.

This side quest has you help someone stricken with gloom sickness

Where to Start the Gloom-Borne Illness Side Quest

When you first arrive in !Kakariko Village, you can head to the !Armor Shop to find out that the prices there are extremely expensive, with each piece of the two armor sets being 5,000 Rupees each. If you speak with the proprietor, you learn that their grandmother is sick, as she came into contact with the gloom from the nearby chasm. However, this doesn’t actually start the side quest, so you will need to find the person who does trigger it.

(1 of 2) When you first visit the armor shop, the prices are very expensive

When you first visit the armor shop, the prices are very expensive (left), You will find Lasli by her grandma’s house, so speak to her to begin the quest (right)

From the !Armor Shop, follow the main path through the village to the east, until you see the campfire. Go down this trail, across a small bridge, and you should see a NPC sitting up a small canopy, next to a cooking pot. This is Lasli, so speak to her and choose all of the options to officially start the side quest.

How to Lower the Kakariko Village Armor Shop Prices

The proprietor of the !Armor Shop and Lasli’s grandmother is sick, from when she got too close to the chasm and got infected with the gloom. The only thing she is able to eat is porridge, but it isn’t actually making her any better. Your goal for this side quest is to make her some porridge, but you will need a special ingredient to add to it, which will cure her of the gloom sickness. There’s three ingredients you need for this porridge, which are the "Sundelion" iconSundelion, "Hylian Rice" iconHylian Rice, and "Fresh Milk" iconFresh Milk.

Where to Find Fresh Milk in Tears of the Kingdom

Fresh Milk is likely the easiest ingredient to get here, as you can purchase it from "Parga" iconParga at "Lookout Landing" iconLookout Landing. This is the first place you should find whenever you reach the Surface after the prologue. You only need one, which will cost you 12 Rupees.

(1 of 2) You might find a traveling merchant by Kakariko that sells both of the food items

You might find a traveling merchant by Kakariko that sells both of the food items (left), !Sundelions can be found while exploring, especially in higher places (right)

Where to Find Hylian Rice in Tears of the Kingdom

Hylian Rice is another ingredient that you can buy, although it’s not exactly clear which place has it. If you’ve been further east, to Hateno Village, then you can go to the shop there to find it. Of course, Lasli mentions that the traveling merchants to the west of Kakariko will sell some of the Hylian Rice. You might even find one that has both the rice and the milk, so you won’t need to do a whole lot of searching for the merchant.

Where to Find a Sundelion in Tears of the Kingdom

The hardest item to find on this list is the Sundelion, which is a special plant that has gloom healing properties. The in-game description mentions that they grow in the sun at high altitudes, with the bigger idea being you can find them more often on the sky islands. You only need a single one, so you likely got one while exploring, but if not, there’s multiple locations listed on the Sundelion Database page.

(1 of 2) Cook the meal using the required ingredients, then talk to Lasli

Cook the meal using the required ingredients, then talk to Lasli (left), After finishing the quest, the prices at the shop will go back to normal (right)

Once you have all three of the ingredients, head back to Kakariko and to where Lasli is located. Access your inventory and hold one of each ingredient, then toss them in the pot to cook them. These ingredients will create the Sunny Veggie Porridge dish and after making it, speak to Lasli again to have her notice it. This will trigger some scenes that will bring you to the end of the side quest, with Lasli giving you some Energizing Veggie Porridge as a reward.

If you return to the !Armor Shop now, you will see that the pieces of armor there are a much lower price (even if they might still seem a little expensive).

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