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How to Complete Wao-os Shrine

Shane Williams

Shrines are one of the core gameplay elements in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Scattered throughout Hyrule, shrines typically require you to solve some sort of puzzle or combat trial, upon the completion of which you’ll be rewarded with a "Light of Blessing" iconLight of Blessing and potentially equipment. Once completed, the shrine will also serve as a fast travel point. Since completing shrines will make your character stronger and provide exploration footholds, it’s essential that you conquer them whenever possible. This page will provide a walkthrough for the Wao-os Shrine.

Head to this location on the map to find the Wao-os Shrine.

Where to Find Wao-os Shrine in Tears of The Kingdom

The Wao-os Shrine is intended to be found during the The White Birds Guidance Shrine Quest which can be started by speaking with Laissa in "Rito Village" iconRito Village. However, if you want to avoid the quest, then you’ll just want to visit Lake Totori Cave which is located to the west of "Rito Village" iconRito Village.

How to Complete the Wao-os Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

When you enter the shrine, you’ll see two bullseye target, a small ball, bowl and a block. Here you’ll want to place the ball on the wooden plank and pick up the nearby block and lift into the air as high as you can, then drop it on the other end of the plank and the ball will launch towards the target. This will open a gate to another wooden plank. Pick it up with "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand, then connect it to the first plank to make it longer.

(1 of 2) Use the small plank to hit the lower target

Use the small plank to hit the lower target (left), then create a longer platform to hit the higher one. (right)

You’ll now want to stand on the wooden plank and drop the block onto it to launch yourself into the air, then glide back towards the entrance to reach the chest that contains a "Spicy Elixir" iconSpicy Elixir. Drop back down and attach the bowl to the center of the plank, then put the ball into the bowl and drop a block onto it once more to fire it at the final target. This will open the gate to the altar, so step inside the bowl and launch yourself to the exit, then interact with the altar to complete the shrine.


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