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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Beat Queen Gibdo - Gerudo Lightning Temple

Seren Morgan-Roberts

This page details how to beat Queen "Gibdo" iconGibdo, the Scourge of the Lightning Temple. She is the boss in the Lightning Temple found in Gerudo in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. You’ll find information on how best to deal damage and how to avoid getting caught in !Queen Gibdo’s attacks.

!Queen Gibdo: The Scourge of the Lightning Temple.

If you’ve not already activated all four batteries in the lightning temple, you’ll need to do so before you can fight !Queen Gibdo for the final time. Head over to our guide on how to find all four batteries in the Lightning Temple.

Boss Fight: Queen Gibdo Phase 1

After reaching the final room of the temple, you’ll have to face Queen Gibdo once more. This time you’re in a bit more of a confined space so you might find it a bit easier to get her inside Riju’s lightning attack zone. That being said, there’s also less space for you to run away…so pros and cons!

As with the previous fight with her, you can only really damage !Queen Gibdo using Riju’s powerful lightning attack. At the beginning of this boss fight,!Queen Gibdo is gonna run at you quickly at the start of the fight. You’ll want to speedily activate Riju’s power and then shoot an arrow at the boss once she’s entered into the lightning field. This will do a huge chunk of damage. If you do get caught by her charge attack, you may well get one-shot (or nearly one-shot)!

As she charges at you, you’ll want to hit her with a lightning charged arrow!

After hitting her for the first time, she’ll go into “camouflage” mode and start creating tornadoes in front of herself. If you try to hit her through the tornadoes you’ll find that they basically eat up your arrows. Instead, you’ll need to run to the side or wait for an opening in the tornadoes. Make sure she’s in the lightning field before hitting her - you can tell as she’ll kind of glow green as she first enters into it. If you get caught in the tornadoes you’ll be damaged quite a bit, and if Riju gets caught in a tornado, she’ll cancel her lightning attack!

(1 of 2) Don’t get hit by the tornadoes

Don’t get hit by the tornadoes (left), and try to lure !Queen Gibdo into the Lightning area. (right)

Once you’ve managed to land another lightning hit, Riju will signal that you have a small window to get up close and hit !Queen Gibdo using your strongest weapon. You only have a short window of time before she gets up again so try to be quick and get in as many hits as possible. This window of time is the only opportunity you’ll get to do damage without Riju’s lightning attack so make the most of it (you’ll get one of these windows in the second phase too!).

At half health, the boss will trigger her second phase - you can either trigger this when you go in for melee hits, or you may need to hit her using a Lightning arrow after she’s gotten up again.

Make the most of whilst she’s down and get in some attacks!

Boss Fight: Queen Gibdo Phase 2

The second phase is where players might find some difficulties. Once you’ve triggered the cutscene after damaging her to 50% health, you’ll find that several Gibdo and "Moth Gibdo" iconMoth Gibdo will start spawning from the four mushrooms in the four corners of the boss arena. You’ll need to destroy these mushrooms to stop the Gibdo from continuing to spawn, but you’ll need to do this tactically as you might get overwhelmed by the enemies. You should avoid using Riju’s lightning to deal with the enemies, rather you should save it to destroy the mushrooms. Try using fire fruit fused arrows to one-shot the minor Gibdo enemies!

All the while you’re being chased by Gibdo, you’ll also find that !Queen Gibdo also shoots out a laser of deadly sand towards you - the laser is continuous and lasts a good few seconds, she also has pretty good accuracy so you’ll need to ensure you’re running away if it approaches as it does a good deal of damage. You might find that running towards the boss helps with getting away from the laser, rather than running further away or to the side.

Don’t get hit by the Queen’s laser sand attack.

To stop the enemies from spawning, you’ll need to destroy the mushrooms using Riju’s lightning and shooting an arrow at the glowing pink part once it’s in the lightning field. When a mushroom is destroyed, a beam of light will shine down. When the minor Gibdo enemies enter the light they’ll be temporarily incapacitated and the Moth Gibdo ones will be destroyed! Use this light to stay semi-safe whilst Riju recharges her lightning. When it’s recharged run over and destroy the next mushroom and repeat the steps until you’ve destroyed all four mushrooms.

(1 of 2) Shoot the glowing pink parts of the mushrooms to destroy them

Shoot the glowing pink parts of the mushrooms to destroy them (left), then use the light beams to your advantage! (right)

Only when you’ve destroyed all the mushrooms can you attack Queen Gibdo again. After you’ve cleared out all the minor additional enemies, you’ll be able to just deal with the boss on its own again. And she acts the same as during the first phase (plus the laser attack) so you’ll know what to expect. Just dodge her tornadoes and charge attacks and try to land those lightning charged arrows.

Take the opportunity to try and finish her off whilst she’s stunned!

After an attack or two, Riju will signal that you can go in and attack with your melee weapon again as !Queen Gibdo is temporarily incapacitated on the ground! If you’re quick enough and have a strong enough weapon you could finish her off here, but if not you might need to do one more lightning charged arrow attack after she gets back up again to defeat her once and for all!

Once she’s beaten, you’ll trigger a cut scene and unlock the Vow of Riju, Sage of Lightning. You’ll also gain a new Heart container for your troubles! Completing the Lightning Temple will also mean that you’ve cleared the sand storm around Gerudo Town!

You’ve unlocked Riju’s Vow!

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