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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Beat Master Kohga at Abandoned Lanayru Mine

Jarrod Garripoli

Master Kohga is someone you will have encountered if you went for the Autobuild ability for Link. This will trigger the start of the Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan side adventure, which will pit you against the enigmatic leader a total of three more times. One of these will be at the !Abandoned Lanayru Mine, and this page will focus on that boss fight.

The battle with Kohga in the Lanayru Mine will take place on a boat.

Where to Find the Abandoned Lanayru Mine in Tears of the Kingdom

The Abandoned Lanayru Mine is located underneath Zora’s Domain, in the Depths. While the game mentions going to the Lanayru Wetlands Chasm, but that is a long route to take to get to the mine. However, it isn’t that bad of a route, since you will be able to get multiple Lightroots along the way. The easiest route, though, to getting to the mine is through Zora’s Domain. There is the long bridge that leads to the domain, with you passing over a waterfall.

(1 of 2) There is a hidden cave behind the main waterfall of Zora’s Domain.

There is a hidden cave behind the main waterfall of Zora’s Domain. (left), The chasm that brings you right to the mine is in that cave. (right)

If you aren’t familiar with this area, though, you might not know that there is a cave hidden behind that waterfall, aptly named the "Cave Under Zora's Domain" iconCave Under Zora’s Domain. When standing on the bridge and facing the waterfall, the entrance will be on the left side. Once you find it and head inside the cave, you will see a large hole in the ground, which is the Chasm Under Zora’s Domain. Drop down, look southeast for the "Kawagom Lightroot" iconKawagom Lightroot, then head north to find the mine. As with the previous encounter, approach Kohga for a cutscene that leads to the battle itself.

Master Kohga Boss - Abandoned Lanayru Mine

The third battle with "Master Kohga" iconMaster Kohga will take place on the waters surrounding the mine. Kohga will be using a boat and he will have two "Yiga Footsoldier" iconYiga Footsoldiers on the boat, who will be using bows to fire arrows at you. While you can defeat the regular Yiga with a single arrow shot, they will keep respawning, so it might be easier to just leave them alone. They will also disappear whenever you hit Kohga, so you won’t have to worry about them, while you’re trying to strike the boss down. You will find other prebuilt boats in the area, so you will be able to use them to get to the boss.

(1 of 4) There will be a prebuilt boat by the docks for you to use.

This battle can be highly annoying, since you will be over water the entire time, so you will need to use a boat. If you want to take out the other Yiga, do so, then get close to his boat before hitting him. This will give you ample time to board his vessel and get some good hits on him. It’s a good idea to use your strongest weapons here, since you don’t want the battle to be longer than needed. During the first phase, Kohga will be constantly moving, too, so you will need to either get in front of him to try and strike, or hope you get a nice shot while he’s moving.

If you’re on the boat whenever Kohga recovers from being stunned, he will deploy a new boat and the old boat will remain, so you can use it, if you wanted. Once you get Kohga to about half health, the second phase of the battle will begin. He will now erect a shield in front of him, making it harder hit him with an arrow. However, the shield will go down, as he will throw a spherical object at you. While you can try to avoid this, it’s much easier to use "Recall" iconRecall on it to send it back to him. If it hits, then he will be stunned like normal, but if it doesn’t hit him, then you don’t have to worry about it.

(1 of 2) Kohga will erect a barrier around himself, once you get him to half health.

Kohga will erect a barrier around himself, once you get him to half health. (left), You can use Recall to send the bomb back in his direction. (right)

Upon defeating Kohga, he will run off for one final time and leave behind a chest, which will contain a "Huge Crystallized Charge" iconHuge Crystallized Charge. Make sure to speak with the Constructs after the fact to get a "Schema Stone" iconSchema Stone, as well as open the forge shop here. The next time you encounter Kohga will be at the Abandoned Hebra Mine.

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