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Spirit Temple - How to Defeat The Seized Construct

Jessica Dillon

Once you finally make it to the "Spirit Temple" iconSpirit Temple with the fifth sage, you will notice it’s quite different from the others. There are no rooms for you to explore, just the Spirit Stone and one arena. When you try to retrieve the stone, a boss fight will start with the "Seized Construct" iconSeized Construct, a frustrating enemy that appears to take little damage. The guide below goes over how to damage and defeat the "Seized Construct" iconSeized Construct.

How to Damage The Seized Construct in The Spirit Temple

The "Spirit Temple" iconSpirit Temple boss fight takes place in the arena before you get to the Spirit Stone. The boss will emerge from the floor, and the arena will be surrounded by barbed wire. This is the last part of the Guidance Through The Ages quest and will fully restore "Mineru" iconMineru’s power. The floor of the arena is covered in Gloom, so the fight as Link stuck on the back of "Mineru" iconMineru the entire time. You can’t draw your bow or hop off to do additional damage. Before you start the fight, you want to be sure that you have the "Cannon" iconCannon equipped. Keep in mind that you can equip it by using a capsule in battle if you have one. The "Seized Construct" iconSeized Construct will take a small amount of damage from your attacks, whether it be the "Cannon" iconCannon or simply punching the boss. The only way to deal larger chunks of damage is by pushing it into the wire fencing that is trapping Link and "Mineru" iconMineru in the arena.

This fight will also depend on how much battery you have, as you can just use the "Cannon" iconCannon to knock the "Seized Construct" iconSeized Construct into the fence if you have enough charge. If you don’t, then use the "Cannon" iconCannon to stun the boss, and then hit them with a spiked ball to knock them back. The "Seized Construct" iconSeized Construct, on the other hand, has several hard-hitting attacks. At first, it will simply swipe at you when you get close. You can block this with "Mineru" iconMineru’s shield. As you damage the boss, it will begin to pull out new tricks at half-health as it grows more arms. The new attacks include the ability to fly, an electric attack, and the ability to dash at you. Keep a close watch on your health, as all these attacks are heavy hitters, if you don’t have a lot of hearts then you can quickly end up with a game over screen.

These aren’t hard to dodge, and by shooting the "Seized Construct" iconSeized Construct with the "Cannon" iconCannon, you can stop its attack. After this is over, grab the "Heart Container" iconHeart Container and run towards the Spirit Stone. You will now be able to see a long cutscene featuring "Mineru" iconMineru and Zelda. After this is complete, the quest for the "Master Sword" iconMaster Sword, Trail of The Master Sword, will unlock. The fifth sage, "Mineru" iconMineru will now journey around with you and help you defeat enemies.

(1 of 4) The fight will start after you enter the "Spirit Temple" iconSpirit Temple.


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