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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Complete Ride the Giant Horse Shrine Quest

Jarrod Garripoli

There are some Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that will require you to do a quest before they open up. This page concerns the "Ishokin Shrine" iconIshokin Shrine, which requires you to do the "Ride the Giant Horse" iconRide the Giant Horse Shrine Quest first. You will have to tame the giant horse, and bring it back to the person that asked to see it in order to get the crystal for the shrine.

This quest will allow you to get the fabled giant horse for yourself

Where to Find the Ishokin Shrine

Ishokin Shrine is located in the Faron region, on the western side of it. It’s best to start out by finding the Highland Stable, as this will become a focal point for this quest, and you will need it in a little bit, too. There is a series of roads north/northwest of the Lake of the Horse God location in !Faron, and the stable will be just east of Haran Lake there. Once you’ve found the stable, follow the road on the map to the west, ignoring the split that heads south. Eventually, you will cross a river and appear just east of the Pappetto Grove.

The shrine is located just west of that location, but it might be a little hard to see, as it won’t have the usual green bit flowing out of it. That’s because the big stone that acts as an entrance isn’t there, but the little arches on the side are still present, so keep a look out for those. Once you find the shrine and interact with it, you will be told to seek the crystal connected to the beam, and offer it to the shrine.

(1 of 2) You can see the structure that normally houses a shrine

You can see the structure that normally houses a shrine (left), The NPC with the crystal is northwest of the shrine (right)

The beam will point to a location just up the hill to the northwest, where you will find a NPC named "Baddek" iconBaddek. Unfortunately, he won’t hand over the crystal, so you will need to do something for him. He’s heard tales of a giant horse somewhere, and wants you to bring this horse to him.

Where to Find the Giant Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

Baddek gives you a lead on how to help find the Giant Horse, which is to go to the !Highland Stable and ask around there (look above for its location). When you arrive, you will want to speak to Padok, the main manager of the stable. He mentions a rumor from a pair of travelers the other day about a giant white stallion. They planned on taking the road to the Lake of the Horse God southeast of the stable, so that’s your destination. However, there is one thing you want to do before setting off on your quest.

(1 of 4) The Highland Stable manager will talk to you about the rumor

Taming the Giant Horse is going to take a lot of stamina, so if you are doing this early in your adventure, you want to make sure to make some stamina-recovery food. "Stamella Shroom" iconStamella Shrooms and "Stambulb" iconStambulbs are good for this, and you will want to make quite a few of dishes to help recovery stamina. It also helps to have one or two upgrades to stamina with the "Light of Blessing" iconLight of Blessings, just as an added buffer. It will take about two and a half to three circles of stamina to tame the Giant Horse, so it’s important you have the necessary amount of recovery dishes for this.

Once you’re fully prepared, leave the stable via the road and head west. When you get to the fork, you will want to take the southern path this time, which will eventually take you across a bridge (Horse God Bridge). Just past it, you should see two NPCs by a campfire, named Jini and Straia. They talk not only about the Giant Horse, but also about the horse god. Thankfully, you won’t have to go much further to find this fabled horse, as it is in the clearing just to the east of the NPCs.

The "Giant White Stallion" iconGiant White Stallion, as the official name of the horse, is the only thing in the clearing and it’s pretty much like a normal horse. You will need to sneak up behind it (push in the Left Analog Stick), then press A to get on it when you see the button prompt. Note that you need to be careful the horse doesn’t kick you, which it can do, so spamming the button is a good idea once you get close enough. As soon as you’re on the horse, it will begin bucking and draining your stamina. If your stamina empties all the way, you will be tossed off of it and will need to try again.

(1 of 5) You can find the giant horse by itself in the clearing past the NPCs

The stamina drain is quite quick, so you will want to start consuming your stamina-replenishing food here. Eventually, with enough perseverance, you will finally tame the horse and can start riding it back to the stable. Note that this is the only one in the game of this nature, so registering it with a stable is ideal. Once you finally get it back to the stable and register it, you will now need to ride it over to Baddek, by the shrine. Speak to him and he’s happy about seeing the giant horse, so he says you can have the crystal now.

Pick up the crystal and carry it over to the shrine, where you will finally open be able to go inside. Open the chest right ahead of you for a Topaz, then go to the altar for the Light of Blessing.

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