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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Missing Owner Walkthrough - Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Jarrod Garripoli

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a very large world and you will encounter all sorts of side quests in your journey. One such side quest is The Missing Owner, in the Gerudo Region. It is actually possible to get this side quest early, before the events at the !Lightning Temple are complete, but you likely won’t be able to finish it at that time.

Cara can be found in the Gerudo Shelter, before you complete the Lightning Temple.

Where to Start The Missing Owner in Tears of the Kingdom

The person who gives you this side quest is found in Gerudo Town, but when you first get to the desert, you will see that it is covered by a huge storm. As you reach the town, you will be able to enter the Gerudo Shelter underneath it. You will be able to find "Cara" iconCara down here, who will mention that Isha, the owner of the jewelry shop, went out to get some supplies, but hasn’t come back yet. If you wait until after you do the Lightning Temple, you will find Cara in the accessories shop, on the topside.

Where to Find Isha and How to Beat the Molduga in Tears of the Kingdom

"Isha" iconIsha will be found in the western part of the desert, which is under the sand shroud when you first get there, so it’s best to wait until you clear it up first before venturing out that way. Specifically, she can be found in the Toruma Dunes area, so that is where you’re heading. You will see some smoke from a campfire when you’re far away from the spot, so go towards that and you will find Isha cowering on a rock. Of course, as Cara mentioned, this is "Molduga" iconMolduga territory and there is one making its rounds in the area.

At first, you may think the Molduga is a challenging miniboss, but once you know the trick to them, they are incredibly easy. The Molduga will be burrowing under the sand and only seems to come up at random, but this creature actually detects movement. So, the moment is knows something is on the surface, it will jump out of the ground. With that knowledge, you can use that to your advantage by tossing an object onto the sands. Doing this will force the boss to jump out of the ground, where you can pelt it with a "Bomb Flower" iconBomb Flower attached to an arrow (on its belly, of course).

(1 of 4) Isha can be found in the Toruma Dunes area, in the western part of the Gerudo Desert.

The Molduga will be stunned on the ground for a short duration, which is your cue to start hammering away on the boss’ belly, its weak point. You will want to stay on the rock with Isha, when you aren’t doing melee attacks against the beast, as this will keep you safe from it. Return to the rock after the Molduga starts to move again and just repeat the above sequence, until you finally fell the creature. Speak with Isha after and she will return to Gerudo Town.

Go back, too, and speak to Cara in front of the accessories shop, who will reward you with a "Diamond" iconDiamond. You will now be able to do the follow-up side quest from Isha, "Pride of the Gerudo" iconPride of the Gerudo.

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