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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Use Zonai Device Dispensers in Tears of the Kingdom

Nathan Garvin

Zonai technology isn’t just rugged and useful, it’s also compact enough to come in capsule form! This is a handy feature for the intrepid adventurer, as your travels may take you far from where these devices can normally be found, and being able to keep a few of these helpful tools in your pocket can be the difference between breezing through a puzzle and gnashing your teeth in frustration. This page will cover how to obtain Zonai capsule from Device Dispensers in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

You can find Device Dispensers scattered throughout (and above!) Hyrule.

What Are Device Dispensers in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

You’ll encounter your first Device Dispenser on the Great Sky Island, halfway between the second shrine (In-isa Shrine) to the third shrine (Gutanbac Shrine), immediately after you use a Zonai fan-powered minecart to reach an elevated island. Continue south from where the fan-powered minecart takes you and look right to find a strange device that looks ominously like a gumball machine… or a capsule vending machine, for you youngins.

Talk to a nearby "Maker Construct" iconMaker Construct and it’ll attempt to give you a tutorial on Device Dispensers, but what this automan leaves vague, we’ll elucidate. In front of the Device Dispenser you’ll find a shallow bowl, very similar to the static cooking pots you’ll find over certain campfires. The concept is simple, make offerings to the Device Dispenser and it’ll dispense a number of Zonai capsules. Zonai capsules contain various devices - fans, wings, portable pots, flame emitters, etc., which you can deploy at a whim to make use of where such devices would otherwise not be present.

(1 of 2) Exchange Construct Horns and Zonai Charges,

Exchange Construct Horns and Zonai Charges, (left), and the Device Dispenser will spit up Zonai capsules containing useful devices. (right)

How to Get Zonai Capsules from Device Dispensers

As for actually getting Zonai capsules from Device Dispensers, the process is simple enough, identical to cooking, actually. Device Dispensers generally accept two forms of currency - !Construct Horns and "Zonai Charge" iconZonai Charges, both of which are almost always dropped when defeating various constructs. Since these enemies respawn, you can collect quite a stockpile of Zonai capsules if you’re willing to farm them. Once you have materials you wish to trade via a Device Dispenser, just enter your inventory (Joy-Con-ButtonPlus), select the item you want to exchange and press Joy-Con-ButtonX to hold them, then Joy-Con-ButtonA to increase the number of items held (up to a maximum of five). When satisfied, press Joy-Con-ButtonB to exit your inventory, at which point you’ll get a “Put in” prompt (Joy-Con-ButtonA) if you’re standing near and facing a Device Dispenser’s input bowl. Place the items in the bowl and the Device Dispenser will live up to its name and yield several Zonai capsules.

While the process itself is straight-forward enough, there are some things you should be aware of. First, the Zonai capsules dispensed are random in type, but not number - you are not guaranteed to receive a specific device from a Device Dispenser, so if you really want, say, a Zonai fan, you may have to pay for several Zonai capsules before you get one containing a fan. Second, the items exchanged does not determine what you get from the Device Dispenser, but it can determine how many Zonai capsules are dispensed - generally Zonai Charges are more valuable than Construct Horns, yielding two Zonai Capsules for each Zonai Charge exchanged instead of one. Finally, different Device Dispensers may have different stocks of Zonai capsules available - the Device Dispenser between "In-isa Shrine" iconIn-isa Shrine and "Gutanbac Shrine" iconGutanbac Shrine cannot dispense wings, while the Device Dispenser past Gutanbac Shrine can.

You can see what each Device Dispenser can yield by selecting it on the map, but only after you’ve discovered from first-hand experience by receiving Zonai capsules from said Device Dispenser.

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