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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

All Korok Puzzles in Tears of The Kingdom

Shane Williams

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom brings back some things from Breath of The Wild, such as Korok Puzzles. If you didn’t play BOTW, then these may be wondering what to lookout for, so this page will detail all the puzzles you’ll could come across whilst exploring Hyrule.

You can obtain Korok Seeds by completing puzzles.

All Types of Korok Puzzles in TotK

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Pattern Matching Map Marker
Dandelion Map Marker
Cube Puzzle Map Marker
Lily Pads Map Marker
Lone Rocks Map Marker
Tree Pots Map Marker
Separated Koroks Map Marker
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Time Trial Map Marker
!Balloons Map Marker
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Complete The Shelter Map Marker

What Are Korok Puzzles in Tears of The Kingdom

Whilst you’re exploring Hyrule you’ll come across various puzzles that you’ll have to complete to reveal a hidden Korok. Interacting with them will give you "Korok Seed" iconKorok Seeds which you can bring to "Hestu" iconHestu and purchase pouch upgrades. You can find Hestu at "Lookout Landing" iconLookout Landing once you’ve completed the Side Quest Hestu’s Concerns. You can read our full guide to All Korok Seed Upgrades and Costs right here.

List of Korok Puzzles

How to Catch Dandelions in Tears of The Kingdom

As you’re exploring you’re exploring the Hyrule Surface you’ll often come across Dandelions which you can strike with a weapon and catch the seed to reveal a hidden Korok that’ll give you a Korok Seed. However, they are typically in difficult spots, so catching them may be a little tricky. The best way to catch them is strike the plant and pay close attention to see where it lands, then hit it again and race to the to the spot and it’ll should simply land on your head.

Separated Koroks

Whilst you’re exploring you’ll often come across a lonely Korok. If you speak with them it’ll mention that its been separated from its friend, so you’ll need to reunite them using any method necessary, such as picking them up with "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand and walking across or using the nearby materials to build a vehicle to transport them across. When reunited you’ll be rewarded with 2 Korok Seeds.

Glittering Trail

(1 of 3) Strike the dandelion and pickup the seed.

You’ll sometimes notice a glittering trail racing along the ground, so you’ll want to want to interact with it in order to reveal a Korok. The best way to do this is to pay close attention to its route and wait for it to come back around.

Time Trial

Sometimes you’ll come across a leaf-pattern tree stump whilst exploring. Here you’ll want to stand on the stump, then a countdown ring will appear. You’ll now want to reach the ring before the time is up. A lot of the Leaf Pattern Tree Stumps have to be completed with what’s nearby. For example the one to the northeast of Lanayru Great Spring requires you to glide into the strong wind drafts to quickly ascend.


(1 of 3) Shoot down the pot.

As you’re exploring you’ll come across pots in various ways, such as hanging from roofs. If you shoot them with your bow a Korok will appear and give you a seed!


There are a large variety of Rock Themed Korok Puzzles. Sometimes you’ll come across a lone rock when exploring Hyrule which you’ll want to lift it up reveal a hidden Korok. You can sometimes see rocks forming a pattern, but one is missing. If you place a rock in the gap, then a Korok will appear.


You’ll come across a spinning pinwheel that you’ll want to interact with, then you’ll see a balloon pop up. However, each puzzle will appear in a different way, so sometimes it can have multiple balloons or it’ll be a moving balloon. Here you’ll want to bring out your Bow by pressing Joy-Con-R, then shoot it with an arrow and a Korok will appear to give you a seed.


(1 of 3) Replace the Missing Block

You’ll sometimes see leaves bundled up in caves or just out in the open world. Simply interact with them, then a Korok will appear and give you seed.


You’ll sometimes cross walls with missing pieces. Here you’ll find the missing pieces scattered on the floor nearby. Simply pick them up with Ultrahand and place it back into the wall for a Korok Seed.

Statue Offering

Whilst exploring Hyrule you’ll sometimes come across Statues that are holding an empty bowl. Here you’ll want to place an "Apple" iconApple in the empty bowl and a Korok will appear and give you a seed.

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