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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Navigate Wellspring Island

Jessica Dillon

If you want to reach the Water Temple, then you are going to need to climb up Wellspring Island. This set of islands is floating over Zora’s Domain and can be reached after you complete the "Ancient Zora Waterworks" iconAncient Zora Waterworks. The islands use waterfalls, bubbles, and Wings to get Link to the !Water Temple. The guide below goes over how to make use of all these devices to navigate !Wellspring Island in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.

Reaching Wellspring Island in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.

How to Reach The Water Temple in Tears Of The Kingdom

Once you climb up the large waterfall, you will be at !Wellspring Island, directly below the Water Temple. Run ahead and speak with "Sidon" iconSidon. He will tell you to split up. Go to your left to find a machine that produces bubbles. You will need to glide between the bubbles to reach the next island. Once there, look for a Zonai device sputtering out water on a pillar. Pluck it and take it up the bath until you see a blocked waterfall. Use "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand to hold it up high and clear the gunk. This will allow water to flow. Jump into the waterfall with the "Zora Armor" iconZora Armor on to get to the next island.

(1 of 4) Ride the waterfall to Wellspring Island

You will now see several floating pillars with waterfalls pouring down. You will want to glide to the waterfalls with your Zora Armor on. This will allow you to climb up them and jump higher into the air. The goal here is to start at the closest waterfall and work your way to the next island by constantly swimming and gliding higher. Grab the "Igoshon Shrine" iconIgoshon Shrine to unlock a fast travel point. Once you reach the next island, you will find a glider. Place fans on it if you already have them, and then set it on the track. If you don’t go down the stair to your right, you will find a Device Dispenser that can give you fans. Once you are ready to go, hit the fans, and you will glide to the next island.

(1 of 6) Use the Zora Armor to climb the waterfalls.

Defeat the Constructs and run to the next set of waterfall pillars. You will arrive at an area with three Constructs and a treasure chest. Climb up past them, and you will find a bubble machine. Place a ramp using Ultrahand at the spot where the bubble is getting stuck and use it to get high enough into the air to glide to the next sky island. Climb up them, and you will reach another island with Gliders. This time you will need to use the carts in the middle to give them wheels. Place at least five fans on the back once you’ve done this, and move the device mostly up the ramp. When you’re close enough, quickly poke the fans before it rolls down, and you will start flying toward the next island. When you are high enough, jump and glide down to it.

You will see Sidon up ahead, speak with him and then proceed. There will be a powerful Construct with two fuse items in front of him. Grab them before he can use them and defeat him. The waterfall in front of you leads to the Water Temple. Jump in it to play a cutscene introducing the dungeon.

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