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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Complete the Igoshon Shrine

Jarrod Garripoli

One of the biggest gameplay features in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the various Shrines you will encounter. These shrines will usually contain puzzles for you to solve, with the reward at the end being a Light of Blessing. One such shrine is the Igoshon Shrine, which is located on Wellspring Island, a place you visit during the Zora portion of the "Regional Phenomena" iconRegional Phenomena main quest.

Igoshon Shrine is located on Wellspring Island, where you go during the Regional Phenomena main quest.

How to Reach the Igoshon Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

!Wellspring Island is a pretty large area, so you likely won’t be seeing the shrine upon first setting foot on it. After initially swimming up the large waterfall, follow the main path to some machines that spit out orbs of water, and use those to continue to the next set of platforms. Eventually, you will reach some floating platforms that have little waterfalls coming out of them. Don the "Zora Armor" iconZora Armor and glide to each waterfall, which you will swim up with the armor, until you reach a larger landmass. This is where you will find the shrine.

Orbs of Water - How to Complete Igoshon Shrine

As the name suggests, you will be dealing with those same orbs of water that you used to reach the shrine. The first thing you will see in the shrine is a machine spitting out an orb of water, so stand on the machine and ride the orb up to the next ledge. Note that when you see the orb start to flash, that means it will be ready to burst, so don’t stay too long inside it once it starts. If you look to your left, on this new platform, you should see a chest that is dropping out of the one hole.

(1 of 4) The puzzle in this shrine revolves around the orbs of water.

To get this chest, grab the nearby orb with "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand and catch the chest. Once you do that, let go of the orb of water, then use Ultrahand to grab the chest, bringing it to the platform so you can open it, for a "Large Zonai Charge" iconLarge Zonai Charge. That chest is the only one in this shrine, so you’re done looking for them and can concentrate on making it to the end. On the opposite side of where the chest was dropping, there will be an orb of water that is being shot to the ground. Wait until this orb is about to hit the ground, then use "Recall" iconRecall on it.

Quickly jump into the orb of water you used Recall on, then ride it upwards, getting off on the grated platform. From there, you can just ride the next orb, as it hits the ramp and will put you on the final platform, before the end. For this last orb, you will need to do a little configuring to make it reach the altar. Use Ultrahand on the block that’s on the track and move it into the trajectory of the orb. There will also be a metal board nearby, so after you have positioned the block, place the metal board on the block, so that it creates a ramp.

(1 of 3) Move this block into the path of the orb.

When you’ve done this, you will be able to ride the orb of water to the altar at the end. If you aren’t getting enough height, though, you can always reposition the board at a steeper incline to get more height. Upon making it to the end, grab the "Light of Blessing" iconLight of Blessing and you’ll be done with this shrine.

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