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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Get the Phantom Set in Tears of the Kingdom

Jarrod Garripoli

There are many pieces of equipment to find in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Some of these pieces of armor belong to a set, with there being multiple pieces per set. One such set is the Phantom set, modeled after the armor seen in The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

The Phantom set is a pretty cool looking set of armor

Where to Find the Phantom Armor in Tears of the Kingdom

The "Phantom Armor" iconPhantom Armor is probably the toughest of the three pieces to get, simply because of a single enemy that is in the way. First, you will need to head to the "Tamio River Downstream Cave" iconTamio River Downstream Cave, which is located at the southern end of the Tamio River, northeast of the "Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower" iconGerudo Highlands Skyview Tower. Upon entering the cave and taking out the "Horriblin" iconHorriblins, you will eventually come to a split, with the right path going to a dead end with the "Bubbulfrog" iconBubbulfrog. The other path leads to a large room and if you look at the ground, you will see some "Gloom Hand" iconGloom Hands.

If you’ve actually never encountered these yet, they are quite troublesome, as you will have a hard time outrunning them and they can quickly sap away all of your health, should they catch up to you. Luckily, you don’t have to defeat them and if you do, a "Phantom Ganon" iconPhantom Ganon will spawn, which is another challenging enemy. If you’re just here for the armor, then it’s best to ignore the hands. In fact, catch the attention of them, then go up the ramp on the side and have them follow you. At the top, jump off the ledge and back into the room, hoping that you got the hands stuck.

(1 of 4) This cave is where you’ll find this piece of armor

When you first entered the room, before jumping down into it, you should have seen a ledge on the opposite end, with an altar. That is where the chest with this armor is located, but to get there normally, you need to go behind it and look for the breakable rock wall. Bust it open to reveal a hill that leads to the chest with the armor. The only reason this is the toughest one is because of the Gloom Hands, since they are extremely annoying.

Where to Find the Phantom Greaves in Tears of the Kingdom

The "Phantom Greaves" iconPhantom Greaves will be located in the desert, on the eastern side of it. In the East Barrens portion, there are twelve sand pits that can suck you below the surface, into a cave. All of these lead to the same cave, the "Ancient Altar Ruins" iconAncient Altar Ruins, but only a single sand pit will take you to the correct spot. If you pick a random one, you will likely choose a sand pit that takes you to the larger portion of the cave, where you will find enemies and a bunch of goodies to grab.

(1 of 3) There is a !Molduga just north of the sand pits, so be careful

Look around in this open portion to see an enclosed section, where you might see a chest, which is what you need. If you glance at you map, you should see a sand pit at the southernmost point. The one just north of that one is where you want to go, which will bring you to the enclosed area with the chest that contains this piece of armor. Note that the Bubbulfrog is in the same chamber as the chest, so grab it before you "Ascend" iconAscend to get back to the surface.

Where to Find the Phantom Helmet in Tears of the Kingdom

The "Phantom Helmet" iconPhantom Helmet is the final piece on the list, and is located in the Faron region. On the southern end, look for the Puffer Beach area and head there. You should see a large overhang here and that is where you want to be. If you never thought of it, look up while under the overhang to see an opening for the cave you need, the "Puffer Beach Overhead Cave" iconPuffer Beach Overhead Cave. Getting to it will require something on your end, either a Rocket, Spring, or Balloon. Luckily, there is a !Rocket near where you need to enter, (use "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand to find it).

Attach it to a shield, then equip and use your shield to launch into the cave. If you fail, then you will have to use a Zonai object from your actual inventory to get into the place. Upon successfully reaching the inside of the cave, defeat the Horriblins, then enter the little room you find next to find the chest with the armor piece.

(1 of 4) The entrance to the cave is on the ceiling of the overhang

Unfortunately, there is no set bonus for this armor set, although each piece will give you an Attack Up bonus when equipped. Likewise, you will be unable to upgrade them, too, at the Great Fairies. Despite that, though, at its base value, the Phantom set does offer one of the highest defense values in the game (compared to other non-upgraded pieces of armor).

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