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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

A Deal With the Statue Walkthrough - Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

Jessica Dillon

There are quite a few side adventures that are hard to find. A Deal With the Statue, for instance, can only be found after you complete a temple. This side adventure unlocks an important feature in the game, the Horned Statue. The statue plays the same role as the one in Breath of The Wild, and depending on your situation can be quite useful. The guide below goes over where to find the Horned Statue and how to use its power.

The Horned Statue is located right at the start of the Royal Hidden Passage.

Where to Find The Forbidden Horned Statue

You won’t be able to gain access to the Forbidden Horned Statue until after you have your first temple. Which of the four temples you complete doesn’t matter. Once this is done, return to "Lookout Landing" iconLookout Landing and go to the "Emergency Shelter" iconEmergency Shelter. A hole will now be in the wall near an NPC named Jerrin, speak with her to pick up the related "Who Goes There?" iconWho Goes There? side quest. You will want to crouch down and head inside the new pathway. This will lead you to the "Royal Hidden Passage" iconRoyal Hidden Passage. You will see a gate as soon as you walk in, and some breakable rocks on your right in front of it.

Break the rocks, and you will see the Horned Statue. You only need to speak with him now to start A Deal With the Statue. He will take one of your hearts during this conversation. Once you are ready, speak with him again to either get an expansion to your stamina or place the heart back where it belongs. After this, A Deal With a Statue will be complete, make sure to also speak to Jerrin to get a "Red Rupee" iconRed Rupee.

How to Use The Forbidden Horned Statue

Using the Horned statue is rather easy, you can visit him any time and sell one of your hearts, or part of your stamina bar for 100 Rupees. You can then walk away with the money, or pay 120 Rupees to the statue to get the heart back or add to your stamina bar, effectively switching your hearts for more stamina or vice versa. This can be used to help you out in a tough fight if you don’t have a need for stamina or give you the slight boost you need to overcome an obstacle if you are great at dodging attacks.

You won’t be able to use the Horned Statue to completely empty out your hearts or stamina. Likewise, once you reach the game’s maximum health and stamina, all you can do is sell your essence and buy it back. There is no way to use the Horned Statue to get more stamina or hearts than the game originally permits.

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