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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Complete the Taunhiy Shrine

Jarrod Garripoli

You will run into a number of Shrines in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, which are important, as they give you items that allow you to increase your maximum health and stamina. Some of these shrines will require you to do something else, like a side quest, or a puzzle. One of those happens to be the Taunhiy Shrine, with it needing you to do a side activity before it will appear. This page will detail where to find Taunhiy Shrine, as well as how to get it to appear and complete it.

Taunhiy Shrine will be found on Courage Island.

Where to Find Taunhiy Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

"Taunhiy Shrine" iconTaunhiy Shrine is one of those shrines that is hidden, until you complete a specific action. In this case, it’s a minigame that you need to do in order to make it appear. Taunhiy Shrine is located on Courage Island, one of three similarly named islands that’s found in the Sky. In order to get to it, you first need to go to the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower and launch yourself from it. Once you’re in the air and in full control, look southwest to spy a “tower” of islands, which will be !Courage Island.

Normally, with the other two similar islands, you’d need to land on the bottom portion and speak to a Construct. That NPC would tell you about the skydiving challenge for the island and then teleport you to the very top, to do a trial run. In this instance, though, you should be able to easily make it to the top of the island chain, where you will find a Dragon Gate waiting for you. Activate the gate to make a ring appear at the end of the walkway, which is your cue to jump off of it.

(1 of 3) Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower will get you to the top of Courage Island.

You will now need to skydive through all of the rings that appear, until you get the final one right above a pool of water. If you missed any, speak with the Construct to try again. Upon finishing the trial run (no time limit), the shrine will appear. Note that if you want to obtain the "Glide Shirt" iconGlide Shirt, then you can try the course one more time, although you will have a time limit. Whatever you do here, open the shrine and go inside.

Combat Training: Archery - Taunhiy Shrine

Thankfully, you don’t really have a puzzle inside the shrine, as it’s one of the few combat-related ones. Specifically, this shrine is a training one, that will teach you about using your bow while in the air. It’s important to remember that any midair attacks with your bow are effective here, as all other attacks will do nothing at all. When the training begins, run over to grab the bow and arrows, should you need them, or you could just use your current equipped one.

(1 of 2) There will be a free bow and some arrows inside the shrine.

There will be a free bow and some arrows inside the shrine. (left), You’ll need to hit the Constructs with arrows while in the air. (right)

Go to one of the air vents on the ground and jump, then deploy your "Paraglider" iconParaglider while you’re in the air to receive a boost. While in the air, draw your bow to trigger a slow-motion effect, which will always happen when you perform this action in the air. You will now need to hit the Construct with a single arrow while you’re in the air. You can land after doing this and two more Constructs will appear. Do the same thing as before, only you need to defeat all three Constructs here. If you run out of stamina, land and get more air again to defeat the rest of the enemies.

Upon finishing all three foes, you will have completed the training and the door to the innermost chamber will open. Claim your "Strong Construct Bow" iconStrong Construct Bow from the chest, then grab the "Light of Blessing" iconLight of Blessing from the altar to be finished with this shrine.

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