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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Treasure of the Secret Springs Walkthrough - Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

Jessica Dillon

There are a ton of side quests to find around Rito Village. Sadly many of them won’t be available until you have finished the Wind Temple and rid the village of the ongoing blizzard. Once this is done you can talk to several Rito to pick up quests around town, including "Treasure of The Secret Springs" iconTreasure of The Secret Springs which leads to a rare piece of armor. The guide below goes over where to find the hidden springs in Sturnida in the Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.

Speak with Tulin after finishing the Wind Temple to start Treasure of The Secret Springs.

Where to Find The Secret Springs in Rito

Once you have completed the Wind Temple, go to the top of !Rito Village and speak with Tulin. He will be standing next to his dad Teba. !Tulin will tell you that he heard a legend about a treasure mentioned in an old book. This will start the quest Treasure of The Secret Springs. The quest doesn’t give you a marker on the map to check out or a lot of information outside of heading to Sturnida, located north of !Rito Village.

You will want to head to North Biron Snowshelf Cave. This location is in the middle of the three hot springs in the Hebra Mountains, additionally, it can be found in the middle of the "Eutoum Shrine" iconEutoum Shrine, "Otak Shrine" iconOtak Shrine, and the "Tauyosipun Shrine" iconTauyosipun Shrine. Use any one of these to quickly fast travel to the location of the cave. Once you get there, you won’t be able to head straight inside as there is a glacier blocking your path. You can melt this by using "Fire Fruit" iconFire Fruit. It will take around ten arrows to completely melt down. Once you’ve cleared the path, head inside "North Biron Snowshelf Cave" iconNorth Biron Snowshelf Cave and grab the "Bomb Flower" iconBomb Flowers you see along the way.

(1 of 8) The location of the Sturnida springs is in a remote location north of Rito Village.

You will eventually find some breakable rocks, shoot them with a Bomb Flower and jump into the hole to find a hidden ruin on the wall and a giant fan in the middle. You will need to use your glider to ride the gust of wind up and down. Your objective here is to shoot Bomb Flowers at the breakable rocks in the side of the cave. There are three sources of water that you need to unclog, one for each direction. Along with these are some fake out rocks, these won’t reveal anything, if you hit one just ignore it and keep unplugging the holes until you have three waterfalls pouring into the ruins. Once the third source of water is freed, the statue on the wall will move revealing a treasure chest.

Glide down and enter the new room, inside you will find a chest containing the "Vah Medoh Divine Helm" iconVah Medoh Divine Helm. Each of the races in Hyrule has a divine Helm for you to find with their own special ability. If you want to find the other three masks, then check out our helpful guide here. Keep in mind that the quests for these masks won’t appear until you clear each region’s phenomenon.

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