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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Construct Factory - How to Assemble the Robot

Jessica Dillon

Once you start "Guidance from Ages Past" iconGuidance from Ages Past and reach the Construct Factory in the Faron Depths, you will need to assemble a robot. This is done by solving several Zonai-related puzzles that will really test your knowledge of the devices you find lying around each of the four depots. The guide below goes over how to get all four pieces of the robot back to the center of the Construct Factory in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.

Finding the Construct Factory.

Left Leg Depot - How to Cross The Pond

You will want to head south of the temple and grab the Muokuij Lightroot. This will light the back half of the Construct Factory. Once you do, head to the Left-Leg Depot left of the Lightroot. Once you’re in the room, activate the Zonai Device in front of you, and a box containing a left leg will drop. Doing this will cause a gate to close at the depot’s main entrance. Use "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand to move it over to the nearby elevator and activate the rockets to move up to the next floor. You will now find a pond and the exit to the room above it. In order to get the left leg out of the Depot, you will need to use Zonai Devices. There are several Rockets lying around and a Zonai Dispenser in the room, now is a great time to exchange some chargers and stock up on items, as you will need them a lot throughout the quest.

Once you are ready to build, turn the wheel on the left side of the pond. You will want to lower the bridge until it becomes a ramp for you to jump off of. You can place the box on the bottom of the nearby wings, attach the Steering Stick, attach the two Rockets, and then use the bridge to glide to the other side of the room. Once you are on the other side, the only thing left to do is to carry the left leg to the middle of the factory. Use a weapon to break the box and Ultrahand to fit it into the stone.

(1 of 5) Grab the Muokuij Lightroot.

Left Arm Depot - How to Cross The Lava

You will now want to go right from the Muokuij Lightroot. This will lead you to the Left-Arm Depot. Once inside, interact with the device to get a box containing the left arm. The gate behind you will close, activate the Big Wheel on the stone door to make it rise, and drag the box through. You will now want to use Ultrahand to move the wheels on the back of the door to the box and attach the nearby Steering Stick. Place the box at the edge of the lava and hop on top. Once you use the Steering Stick, you should be able to drive across safely. For the next part, you need to attach the box to a wheel that’s on the outside of a cage. Once this is done, activate it and ride across the lava.

The next room will have a door. You can hold it up with Ultrahand and slide the box under it before it falls down. Once you are in the next room, pull the box through. You will want to grab the nearby fans and place them on the box. There will also be a Steering Stick to put on top. Place the box in the water, hop on top, and use the Steering Stick to guide the boat down the waterway. Once this is done, take the box to the middle of the factory, break open the box, and place the left arm in the stone.

(1 of 5) Activate the wheel to open the door.

Right Leg Depot - How to Use The Rails

The next room is to the left of the main part of the Construct Factory. You will want to run up the nearby bones and activate the Uisihcoj Lightroot. This will light your way for the last two depots. Follow the path to your right and head across the bridges. At the end, you will easily be able to jump and glide down to the Right-Leg Depot. Once inside, summon the box with the right leg, and once again, the gate behind you will close. Jump on the elevator and activate the fans to move up to the next floor. This room is a bit tricky as it seems to want you to pay attention to the rail. Ignore this and simply attach a fan to each side of the box and carry it over to the area in front of the cave.

Use "Ascend" iconAscend to easily move above the box, and shoot the fans with an arrow to cause it to rise. You will want to move to Ultrahand, grab the box, and bring it to you. The next room has some Wings you can use to glide down easily, or if you are impatient, simply throw the box off the cliff and follow it down. Once again, all you need to do is break the box and attach the part to the stone.

(1 of 4) Run up the bone bridge behind the Construct Factories center.

Right Arm Depot - How to Cross The Lighting Piller

You now need to head to the last area, the Right-Arm Depot. This is on the upper left side of the Construct Factory, and several "Black Bokoblin" iconBlack Bokoblins will be following around a "Black Boss Bokoblin" iconBlack Boss Bokoblin. You will want to defeat them now, or they will get in your way when bringing back the right arm. Once you are in the depot, activate the device and grab the box with the right arm. You can walk up the conveyer belt on your right or place the box on it to have the belt carry it up. Once you get to the second floor, you will see a lighting pillar. On the left side of the pillar, there is a brown piece of rock, set the box lying flat on top of it. Grab a nearby Small Wheel and attach it.

When you hit the wheel with an arrow, it will take the right arm box across to the other side. Jump down into the hole and climb up the ladder on the other side to grab it. You can find some more wheels in the next room that will make getting back to the center of the Construct Factory much easier. Once you are back, break the box and place the right arm in the stone. The fifth sage will now inhabit the body of the robot, and you will begin your journey to the Spirit Temple together.

(1 of 2) Use the Small Wheel to get the box across the lighting pillar.

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