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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

All Bows in Tears of The Kingdom and Where to Find Them

Jessica Dillon

There are a ton of ways to play The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom, depending on what type of weapons you like to use. Bows, however, are going to be a staple as they help you fight, explore the depths, and even clear away gunk. There are several bows in the game, many of which are hard to find. The guide below goes over every bow in Tears of The Kingdom, their attack power, their durability, and where to find them at.

Shooting an arrow in a shrine.

All Bows in The Game

Bows are long range weapons that are a must in Tears of The Kingdom. "Arrow" iconArrows can easily be fused with monster drops and plants, making them an important part of fighting and exploring all of Hyrule. There are 30 bows in the game, each with its own attack and durability stat. The chart below lists every bow, its attack, its durability, and where to find it in the game.

Weapon Attack Durability Location
"Boko Bow" iconBoko Bow 4 16 Defeating "Bokoblin" iconBokoblins
"Construct Bow" iconConstruct Bow 5 18 Defeating Constructs and The Sky
"Demon King's Bow" iconDemon King’s Bow 12 42 Defeating "Phantom Ganon" iconPhantom Ganon
"Dragonbone Boko Bow" iconDragonbone Boko Bow 24 30 Defeating Tougher "Bokoblin" iconBokoblins
"Duplex Bow" iconDuplex Bow 14 x 2 18 Defeating Yiga Archers
"Dusk Bow" iconDusk Bow 30 40 Hyrule Castle
"Falcon Bow" iconFalcon Bow 14 35 Dropped by "Like Like" iconLike Likes
Forest Dweller Bow 15 x 3 35 Great Hyrule Forest
"Gerudo Bow" iconGerudo Bow 25 40 Around Gerudo Desert
"Great Eagle Bow" iconGreat Eagle Bow 28 x 3 60 Teba in Rito Village
Knight Bow 26 48 All Around Hyrule
Lizal Bow 14 15 Defeating "Lizalfos" iconLizalfos
"Lynel" iconLynel Bow 10 x 3 30 Defeating "Lynel" iconLynels
"Mighty Construct Bow" iconMighty Construct Bow 24 34 Defeating Tougher Constructs and The Sky
"Mighty Lynel Bow" iconMighty Lynel Bow 20 35 Defeating "Lynel" iconLynels
"Old Wooden Bow" iconOld Wooden Bow 4 20 All Around Hyrule
"Phrenic Bow" iconPhrenic Bow 10 45 All Around Hyrule
"Royal Bow" iconRoyal Bow 38 60 Hyrule Castle
Royal Guard Bow 50 20 Hyrule Castle
"Savage Lynel Bow" iconSavage Lynel Bow 32 x 3 45 Defeating Tougher "Lynel" iconLynels
Soldier Bow 14 36 All Around Hyrule
"Spiked Boko Bow" iconSpiked Boko Bow 12 20 Defeating "Bokoblin" iconBokoblins
"Steel Lizal Bow" iconSteel Lizal Bow 36 50 Defeating Tougher "Lizalfos" iconLizalfos
"Strengthened Lizal Bow" iconStrengthened Lizal Bow 25 35 Defeating Tougher "Lizalfos" iconLizalfos
"Strong Construct Bow" iconStrong Construct Bow 11 26 Defeating Constructs and The Sky
"Swallow Bow" iconSwallow Bow 8 30 Around Rito Village
"Traveler's Bow" iconTraveler’s Bow 5 22 All Around Hyrule
Wooden Bow 4 20 All Around Hyrule
"Zonaite Bow" iconZonaite Bow 30 50 Defeating Tougher Constructs and The Sky
Zora Bow 20 40 Around Zora’s Domain
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