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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Legend of The Great Sky Island Walkthrough - Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

Jessica Dillon

There are tons of side adventures to find around Hyrule, but only one of them is based in the sky. "Legend of The Great Sky Island" iconLegend of The Great Sky Island challenges you to solve a puzzle where you are never allowed to touch the ground. This makes the quest frustrating unless you know exactly what to do in order to complete it. The guide below goes over how to start Legend of The !Great Sky Island and how to light all three bonfires without ever touching the ground.

Speak with the Construct on top of the Temple of Time to start Legend of The Great Sky Island.

How to Light All Three Bonfires on The Great Sky Island

Legend of The !Great Sky Island is the only side adventure that you will find in the sky. The quest is also rather well hidden as you must make your way to the top of the "Temple of Time" iconTemple of Time to start it. To do this, you will either need to glide to the top of the temple, use a Zonai device to fly up there or climb with the help of "Ascend" iconAscend. Once you are on the roof you will see a construct in the middle. Speak with them and they will tell you about an ancient ceremony starting Legend of The !Great Sky Island.

When you’re ready, speak with the construct again and let them know. A short cutscene will play as the time has to change to 7 am. You will hear a bell ring and must light three bonfires on the Great Sky Island without ever touching the ground. You have to light all three before the bell rings at 7 pm, luckily time doesn’t play too much of a role in the quest outside of this. This is a daunting task, and it’s nearly impossible if you don’t have the right gear. You will need to have the Zora Armor and an item such as a "Fire Fruit" iconFire Fruit to make a fire arrow.

During this side adventure, you won’t be able to use Tulin’s Gust to help you get around any faster, and Zonai devices aren’t reliable enough to complete the quest as they rise in altitude too quickly. If you fall or touch the ground at any time during this quest you will be transported back to the Temple of Time’s roof and need to talk to the Construct to start the ceremony again.

Once these are ready, you can glide to the first waterfall on the right side of the island. You will be flying into the waterfalls as they will restore your stamina and send you flying higher in the sky. This will allow you to get above each bonfire and light them. Luckily, time is slowed when you’re firing from the air so lighting the bonfires is rather easy once you figure out how far out to shoot your arrows. Once you’re done with the first bonfire, head to the center one, it may seem like you’re not going to make it to the waterfall, but as long as you don’t touch the ground or fall into the water you will be fine. Shoot the second bonfire, and move to the final side of the island. After lighting the final bonfire, use the waterfall closest to the Temple of Time to shoot back high into the sky.

(1 of 8) The Construct will break down the rules of the ceremony for you.

You will need to land back on the roof of the Temple of Time. Once you do, the Construct will automatically realize that you have completed the ceremony. He will now tell you about the history behind the Temple of Time. After he’s done you will be awarded the "Zonai Fabric" iconZonai Fabric. If you want to change your Paraglider fabric oversee Sayge at the "Dye Shop" iconDye Shop in Hateno Village.

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