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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Beat Master Kohga in Abandoned Gerudo Mine

Jacob Woodward
Jarrod Garripoli

If you’ve picked up the "Autobuild" iconAutobuild ability for Link in Tears of the Kingdom, you will have also encountered the enigma that is "Master Kohga" iconMaster Kohga, the leader of the Yiga clan. If this is the case, you will have battled him already in his make-shift fused vehicle, and likely made mincemeat of him. However, he runs off to the southwestern abandoned mine, so you will need to head there to fight him a second time. This page will help you find the abandoned mine and help you defeat Kohga for the second time.

Kohga will take to the skies for the second battle with him.

Where to Find the Abandoned Gerudo Mine in Tears of the Kingdom

This “southwestern mine” is actually the Abandoned Gerudo Mine, and he’ll once again be trying to thwart Link in his efforts against the Demon King. If you listened to the Construct NPC back at the Great Abandoned Central Mine, it mentioned something about the statues pointing the way. The fastest way to get there is via a Lightroot in the Gerudo Desert area. If you head there, you should be able to find the "Siwakama Shrine" iconSiwakama Shrine, which is located on a rock right next to a "Molduga" iconMolduga spawn. Just north of there, on the cliffs, will be the East Gerudo Chasm.

Drop down that chasm, then head south to the Amakawis Lightroot. This will be a great starting point to get to the !Abandoned Gerudo Mine. Right next to that Lightroot will be a Gerudo statue that will point you in the correct direction. As you’re following the statues, be aware of some bosses and other enemies, and don’t forget to use "Brightbloom Seed" iconBrightbloom Seeds to shed some light in the darkness. You should go right by the Mihcihc Lightroot and it’s not too much further to the west that you should finally arrive at the !Abandoned Gerudo Mine.

(1 of 6) There is a chasm just north of this shrine in the Gerudo Desert that you can use.

While the arena for the second fight is already lit up, it might be a good idea to scale the nearby cliff next to the mine to activate the Gonatoyros Lightroot. You can actually use "Ascend" iconAscend on the mushroom structure by the little hut, then use it against to get right next to the Lightroot. When you are ready, head over to the open arena and take out the two Yiga members flying about the place. You can use the nearby Spring to launch yourself into the air, then use the slow-motion effect with your mid-air bow attacks to defeat the Yiga.

How to Beat Master Kohga at Abandoned Gerudo Mine

Once you reach the !Abandoned Gerudo Mine, you’ll see Master Kohga trying yet again to manipulate the Zonai tech for his benefit. After interrupting him, he will want to duel you again in a walled off arena. If you didn’t already anticipate it, once the fight begins, Kohga will don yet another vehicle to try and take you out. However, it is not the car/tank hybrid like last time, it is a flying machine that’s far more agile, making your life that bit more difficult.

(1 of 4) Go and speak to Kohga over here to start the second battle.

Therefore, your best way of getting any initial hits off is to get your bow and arrow out. More specifically, utilizing "Keese Eyeball" iconKeese Eyeballs to add a homing effect to your arrows is very important, because otherwise, you’ll have to be extremely precise to hit him. To help you out, there is a Zonai !Spring that can be activated on the battlefield, allowing you to be launched into the air, getting more on Kohga’s level. If you do choose to use this, it will allow you to fire your arrows in slo-mo while in mid air, which again, making your shots that much easier to land.

Once you do enough damage to Kohga, he will fall from his flying contraption and onto the floor, allowing you to get some hits in with your physical weapons. This is where you’ll be taking most of his health off, so equip your strongest and fastest weapons to get his life as low as possible. After, he will return to his vehicle and the process will start over. However, at this point, like the previous Kohga fight, things get more intense as he will not only increase his attacks, this time with timed bombs, he will also add enhancements to the flying machine like side barriers and a shield.

(1 of 3) Kohga will begin shooting you as he gets lower on health, with the blast knocking your Spring away.

Using the same !Spring and slo-mo arrow strategy should still work just as well though, if you get high enough, and allow you to hit Kohga pretty frequently. If you’re finding it difficult due to those new barriers, try and paraglide straight onto it and go for a physical hit instead.

After doing this as many times as needed, you should have Kohga completely drained of his health. For your efforts, you’ll get another chest (contains a "Huge Crystallized Charge" iconHuge Crystallized Charge), similar to last time, and be treated to that all-important Kohga dialogue before he moves to his next location, the Abandoned Lanayru Mine. Don’t forget to interact with the one Construct here to get a "Schema Stone" iconSchema Stone.

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