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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Get Champion's Leathers in Tears of the Kingdom

Jacob Woodward

There are a multitude of callbacks to previous Legend of Zelda titles in Tears of the Kingdom, perfect for those that are fans of the franchise or have got a bit of game time in the older games in the franchise.

One such homage to the previous installment, Breath of the Wild, is the "Champion's Leather" iconChampion’s Leathers, a new take on the Champion’s Tunic that many have become very fond of after spending a ton of hours in the open world experience.

This guide will run through how to get the Champion’s Leathers so that your Link can don the blue colours once more.

Where to Find Champion’s Leathers in Tears of the Kingdom

If you want to get your hands on the Champion’s Leathers in Tears of the Kingdom, you’re going to have to buckle up and be ready to head to the gloom infested lands of Hyrule Castle. If you’re thinking “I’ve not got enough hearts for that” don’t worry, you can avoid most adversaries by doing a bit of running.

Moreover, if you also haven’t reached the point in the game where you think !Hyrule Castle is actually accessible, you can get there early with a bit of clever paraglider and stamina work.

To do so, launch yourself from the "Lookout Landing" iconLookout Landing Skyview Tower and aim yourself directly toward !Hyrule Castle. If you have around 2 stamina wheels great, you should be able to land at the castle entrance. If not, you may struggle slightly so employ an "Energizing Elixir" iconEnergizing Elixir of any form to complete a successful flight.

Hyrule Castle entrance after landing

No matter how you get to !Hyrule Castle, from this point on, securing the Champion’s Leathers is actually a pretty simple and straightforward process.

First, you’re going to want to head into the Castle itself, and then to the large circular Sanctum that those of you who played Breath of the Wild will certainly be familiar with. Here, you’ll be looking for the stairs that go to the throne itself, head up those stairs.

(1 of 2) The Sanctum stairs you need to climb

The Sanctum stairs you need to climb (left), One of the Sanctum braziers you need to light (right)

From here, look for the two large braziers either side of you and light them with whatever means you have. Fusing an arrow with some form of fire material such as a "Fire Fruit" iconFire Fruit will probably work best.

Once you do this, a hidden panel will be revealed behind the throne itself containing a chest. Climb up and open the chest to reveal the Champion’s Leathers in all their glory.

(1 of 2) The Champion’s Leathers chest

The Champion’s Leathers chest (left), The Champion’s Leathers description once acquired (right)

These Leather’s boast a defence stat of 5 which is nice considering the Hylian set that you can pick up in Lookout Landing have a base of 3, making this superior before you even have a chance at upgrading.

How to Upgrade The Champion’s Leathers

To upgrade the Champion’s Leather in Tears of The Kingdom you need to visit a Great Fairy. There are four on the map and in exchange for a bit of Rupees and monster drops, you can upgrade your armor level all the way to 20. The Champion’s Tunic starts with an armor level of 3. Each piece of armor has the same upgrade requirements
per level, here’s what you need to gather for each one.

Defense Level Items Needed Rupees Needed
5 x3 "Silent Princess" iconSilent Princess 10 Rupees
8 2x "Light Dragon's Talon" iconLight Dragon’s Talon, x3 "Silent Princess" iconSilent Princess,x 10 "Sundelion" iconSundelion 50 Rupees
12 x2 "Light Dragon" iconLight Dragon’s Fang, x5 "Silent Princess" iconSilent Princess, x15 "Sundelion" iconSundelion 200 Rupees
20 x2 "Light Dragon's Horn" iconLight Dragon’s Horn, x10 "Silent Princess" iconSilent Princess, x20 "Sundelion" iconSundelion

Keep in mind that you need to unlock all four Great Faeries to fully upgrade your armor.

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