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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Soul of The Gorons Walkthrough - Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Jessica Dillon

If you are looking to gather all the legendary weapons in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom, then you need the Boulder Breaker. This weapon can only be obtained once you complete the "Fire Temple" iconFire Temple and visit the blacksmith in !Goron City. The weapon is rather easy to make, provided you gather the materials that Fugo needs. The guide below goes over how to make the Boulder Breaker and finish the Soul of The Gorons side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.

Speak with Fugo after completing the Fire Temple to start Soul of The Gorons.

How to Make The Boulder Breaker in Tears of The Kingdom

Once you have completed the Fire Temple you can stop by the blacksmith in Goron City and speak with Fugo you can make the Boulder Breaker. The Boulder Breaker is the legendary weapon of the Gorons and can only be obtained by completing the "Soul of The Gorons" iconSoul of The Gorons quest. This quest is pretty simple to complete as you only need to bring Fugo some items and he will make it for you. The chart below goes over each item needed for the Boulder Breaker and where to get them

Boulder Breaker Item Where to Find
5x "Flint" iconFlint "Ore Deposit" iconOre Deposits
3x "Diamond" iconDiamonds "Ore Deposit" iconOre Deposits
"Cobble Crusher" iconCobble Crusher "Bokoblin" iconBokoblins in Eldin, Laying Around Eldin

Flint and Diamonds can be obtained from Ore Deposits around Hyrule. If you got to the Lake Darman Monster Den, you can find a large amount of them at once. Flint is easy to come by, but you may need to mine for a bit before finding all three Diamonds. The Cobble Crushes is the region-specific item for Eldin. It can be found being carried around by Bokoblins or you can grab one from a chest in the Southern Mine Cave below !Goron City.

(1 of 3) Give the materials to Fugo.

Once you have all the ingredients, return to Fugo and speak with him. After handing them over you will complete Soul of The Gorons and get the Cobble Crusher. Keep in mind that this weapon can break, you can repair them so don’t worry too much.

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