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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Beat Flame Gleeok in Tears of the Kingdom

Jacob Woodward

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom presents you with a plethora of hard enemies to test your skills on. One such enemy is the Gleeok, a dragon-like creature that has returned to the franchise after many years away.

Now, these Gleeoks have elemental properties, each offering up a different strategy needed to take it down. This guide will be focusing on the "Flame Gleeok" iconFlame Gleeok variant, a powerful, fire-breathing monster that will require you to impose yourself on it otherwise you’ll get burnt to a crisp.

Where to Find Flame Gleeok in Tears of the Kingdom

Before you set about taking this behemoth on, if you haven’t already encountered it, there are in fact a few places this monster spawns at. First, and the location that many will likely encounter the Flame Gleeok first, is at the Bridge of Hylia. This is situated atop of Lake Hylia and the Flame Gleeok is actually blocking your path from advancing into the next area, meaning you’ll have to take it on if you want to progress.

The !Flame Gleeok on the Bridge of Hylia

The second Flame Gleeok spawn is at Spectacle Rock in Gerudo Canyon. As you would expect due to the Gerudo region being so heavily focused on heat, the Flame Gleeok is primed and ready to take you out if you wish to traverse this area.

The third and final Flame Gleeok is in the Tabantha Frontier region, specifically at the Ancient Columns area.

How to Beat Flame Gleeok in Tears of the Kingdom

Before the fight begins, we recommend that you get a strong non-wooden shield to fend off its fire attacks, as well as potentially some heat resistant armor just in case some of those flames get through.

So, now you’ve decided that you’ve got what it takes to fight a three headed fire dragon, you’re going to want the best strategies in order to actually defeat it.

First off, let’s tackle how to actually do damage to the Fire Gleeok. Since it has three heads, it also has three eyes, and these are what you’re going to be targeting to start getting that life bar down. Your best port of call is to use "Keese Eyeball" iconKeese Eyeball arrows to take out each of these since they have homing properties, taking a little work out of the actual aiming process.

Taking advantage of the homing !Keese Eyeball arrows to hit the !Flame Gleeok eyes

As you would expect since it has fire properties, employing tactics that involve using ice-related items are definitely the way to go here. With that in mind, if you want to do a little extra damage, fuse "Ice Keese Eyeball" iconIce Keese Eyeballs to your arrows and you’ll not only get the homing required, but also feel more powerful.

Once you take out each of these eyes, the Flame Gleeok will hit the ground, ready for you to enter the real damage phase. At this point, you’ll need to get as close to it as possible and get your best weapon out to inflict as much pain as possible.

Again, similar to the "Ice Keese" iconIce Keese Eyeball arrows, if you have ice fuse material that you can add onto your weapons, this is ideal. Something like "Ice Fruit" iconIce Fruit, White Chu Chu Jelly, or even "Sapphire" iconSapphires work nicely, and will aid you in defeating the Flame Gleeok as fast as possible.

(1 of 2) Using ice to deal more damage

Using ice to deal more damage (left), Striking the !Flame Gleeok when it becomes downed (right)

Simply repeat this process over and over, avoiding any of its fire attacks, until you reach the final phase of the fight.

Once you reach this last phase, and you’ll know when it occurs because the Gleeok will head into the sky, completely out of reach, meaning you’ll need to tweak your strategy a little. This is because not only will you not be able to hit it, once it rises, it will fire a huge ball of fire toward the ground.

After this attack takes place, you need to run as far as you can away from it otherwise you’ll get burned as well as stunned. However, don’t leave the area because you’ll be utilizing the air that the fire generates to head up to the Gleeok. To do this, simply run toward the fires, and jump as close as you can to use the air to fly upward.

Now, you can utilize your slow motion bow work to once again take care of the three eyes. At this point, if you haven’t killed the Gleeok already, it will fall ready for physical damage again, so head straight to it and finish it off.

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