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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The Ultimate Dish Guide - Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Scott Peers

The Ultimate Dish? side quest in The Legend f Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a fairly simple quest that can be acquired from an NPC named Moza, who can be found in the "Rikoka Hills Well" iconRikoka Hills Well in the Lanayru Wetlands. We’ll show you how to produce a failed dish in the form of "Dubious Food" iconDubious Food or Rock-hard Food to complete it.

Where to Find Moza in the Rikoka Hills Well - TotK

The first thing you need to do to start this side quest is to find and speak with Moza. As mentioned above, you’ll find them at the bottom of the Rikoka Hills Well in the Lanayru Wetlands. You can get here easily from "Lookout Landing" iconLookout Landing just by following the roads southeast, as you cross a bridge from the "Central Hyrule" iconCentral Hyrule region into Lanayru. The entrance to the well is on the southern tip of the Lanayru Wetlands, in the easternmost part of the Rikoka Hills. When you drop down, you’ll see Moza seemingly swinging a ladle around, with a shield in one hand. The nearby Cooking Pot has some culinary abomination in it, but don’t worry about that for now!

(1 of 2) Jump down the Rikoka Hills Well to find Moza.

Jump down the Rikoka Hills Well to find Moza. (left), The location of the Rikoka Hills Well. (right)

How to Cook Dubious Food and Rock-hard Food in Tears of the Kingdom

As you speak with Moza they’ll introduce you to what they call Moza’s Hideaway "Restaurant" iconRestaurant, “home of the ultimate dish”. Moza will tell you a bit about what a failed dish is, including that you can usually make them by combining any food item with an item from a monster, such as a "Keese" iconKeese Eye. If you do this in any combination, you’ll produce Dubious Food after throwing the items into a Cooking Pot. Rock-hard Food, on the other hand, is usually produced when you attempt to combine genuine food items with other materials, such as rocks, ores, or wood. Both of these can be brought back to Moza to be turned into something more palatable.

How to Get Monster Stew

The only catch with what Moza has to offer is that you’ll need to pay 10 rupees for each piece of Dubious Food or Hard-rock food that they transform. You’ll get a discount of 5 rupees for the first dish, and each time you’ll get a "Monster Stew" iconMonster Stew in return for your failed dish. Monster Stew is actually quite similar to the failed dishes that you exchange, but it can sometimes provide more hearts, especially when you exchange Hard-rock Food which often provides no hearts. You can’t make your own Monster Stew without the help of Moza, so be sure to mark their location to return whenever you have a batch of failed recipes that you can make use of.

(1 of 2) Be sure to save any Dubious Food or Hard-rock Food and bring it to Moza.

Be sure to save any Dubious Food or Hard-rock Food and bring it to Moza. (left), Moza will be able to transform any failed dish into Monster Stew in exchange for 10 rupees. (right)

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