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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Complete the Chichim Shrine

Jarrod Garripoli

Shrines are a big part of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, as they give you items you can turn in to increase your maximum health and stamina. Some Shrines are a little hidden and might require you to do a side quest, or go through a little mini-dungeon. One such Shrine is the Chichim Shrine, as you have to go through a cave system to get to it.

The Chichim Shrine is found in the Ancient Prison Ruins.

Where to Find the Chichim Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

The "Chichim Shrine" iconChichim Shrine is located inside the "Ancient Prison Ruins" iconAncient Prison Ruins cave, in the Gerudo Desert. To get to the Ancient Prison Ruins, you will be heading south from Gerudo Town. Specifically, you want to go to the Palu Wasteland area; the sand pit that is the entrance to this place is literally just south of the above name’s marker on the map. Once you find the sand pit, jump into the middle of it to be taken to the ruins. Unfortunately, this place isn’t as simple as stumbling on the Shrine by just exploring, as there are some levers you have to hit inside.

(1 of 4) The location of the Ancient Prison Ruins on the map.

When you first gain control, move forward to find the first lever, which needs to be moved with "Ultrahand" iconUltrahand. At this point, you will start encountering some "Gibdo" iconGibdos, as you explore the place. Remember that lightning and fire are their weakness, so don’t forget to use those elements (you can attach something to your weapon to give it one of the above properties) to help vanquish them. The path here is still pretty straightforward, with a couple of diversions that lead to dead ends.

At the statue, with the sword in its hand, follow where it’s pointing to reach the second lever. This one will open up the cells in that area, triggering some more Gibdos for you to down. One of the cells has a hole in the floor, which you need to use to get further into the ruins. There will be an "Electric Chuchu" iconElectric Chuchu down here, as well as another Gibdo. When you find the path out of this underground portion, there will be a small bridge ahead of you, where the slabs will fall from underneath you as you cross them, leading to another area under the ruins.

(1 of 5) Drop down here after using the second lever.

Ignore that for now, though, and go across the gap to find a third lever to pull. Return to the slabs that fall and head underneath them now, grabbing the "Bubbulfrog" iconBubbulfrog there, then following the trail to the end. A gate will be down, and the Shrine will be on the other side, but it looks to be a dead end. This is where the place can get confusing, as you might backtrack and lose your way a bit. However, the dead end isn’t actually that, as if you look up at the ceiling in front of those smaller set of bars, you will see an opening.

Climb up, or use "Ascend" iconAscend, to get above there and loot the chest for a "Gerudo Scimitar" iconGerudo Scimitar. This looks like another dead end, but there are two stone slabs you can move with Ultrahand here, revealing the final lever in the ruins. Pulling the lever will make the pillar in front of it move, allowing you to finally get to the Shrine. Go inside, loot the chest for a "Mighty Zonaite Spear" iconMighty Zonaite Spear, then head to the altar for the "Light of Blessing" iconLight of Blessing.

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