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How to Complete Who Goes There? in Tears of the Kingdom

Jacob Woodward

There’s no mistaking that Tears of the Kingdom has such a wide variety of side quests that can keep you going for hours on end, not only extending your playtime, but also allowing you to reap a variety of rewards that you otherwise would miss out on.

One particular side adventure that could be crucial in your playthrough is ‘"Who Goes There?" iconWho Goes There?’, a relatively short but important escapade that might be fruitful for those that like a bit of customisation.

This guide will reveal all on ‘Who Goes There?’ detailing how to unlock the adventure, and then subsequently how to complete it, so you can secure what’s hidden behind it.

How To Unlock Who Goes There? in Tears of the Kingdom

So, to gain access to this side adventure in Tears of the Kingdom, you’re probably not going to simply stumble upon it, especially in early game. This is because to even have the chance to get the adventure details, you must complete one dungeon. It doesn’t matter which dungeon it is, but you will likely be heading toward the "Wind Temple" iconWind Temple dungeon, as the game almost guides you to Rito first.

Once you do complete the dungeon, the next step is to return to "Lookout Landing" iconLookout Landing. At this point, if you have already spoken to Scorpi and unlocked the "Emergency Shelter" iconEmergency Shelter, then you’re already ahead. If not, go through this process and allow him to introduce the area.

Going down the !Emergency Shelter ladder

After this has been done, head down into the shelter and speak to Jerrin who is sweeping dust. If you hadn’t have completed a dungeon, you would have received dialogue from her stating that no matter how much she sweeps, dust keeps returning. But now, while she is still concerned about the mess, she is even more taken back by the demonic voice that is coming from the hole that she has created in the wall.

At this point, you’re given the ‘Who Goes There?’ side adventure, which tasks you to explore the noise.

(1 of 2) Jerrin being worried about a potential demon in the hole

Jerrin being worried about a potential demon in the hole (left), Receiving the Who Goes There? side adventure (right)

How to Complete Who Goes There? In Tears of the Kingdom

Now you have the adventure from Jerrin your next task is to head straight into the aforementioned hole. Once you do so, you have two paths that you can head toward. Both are blocked by rocks that can be broken, but for the adventure specifically, you’ll only be concentrating on the right hand path.

The two paths in question, with you wanting to head to the right

Simply break down the rocks with a blunt weapon or "Bomb Flower" iconBomb Flower and head inside. You’ll be introduced to a "Horned Statue" iconHorned Statue that has a devilish aura which is the source of the monstrous voice that Jerrin was so worried about.

Speaking to the statue will reveal that it is the way you can respec in Tears of the Kingdom, allowing you to swap hearts for stamina and vice versa.

(1 of 2) Respec options at the horned statue

Respec options at the horned statue (left), The respec animation at the horned statue (right)

After this conversation, your Who’s Go There side adventure will be updated. Simply return to Jerrin and this will wrap the whole story up, putting her mind at ease.

For your exploration efforts, you’ll receive a "Red Rupee" iconRed Rupee, equal to 20 Rupees, not bad for simply going into a hole and speaking to a statue!

How to Complete the A Deal With a Statue Side Adventure

Once you have talked to the statue for the first time, it will reveal the respeccing process in Tears of the Kingdom, and allow you to essentially do one of these for free. After this, it tells you that you can feed it your essence, whether that be health or stamina, and you will be rewarded with 100 Rupees. Then, to claim the container of your choice back, it will cost you 120 Rupees, a net loss of 20 Rupees. Performing the first free respec will complete this short Side Adventure.

Your respec choices at the horned statue.

So, in short, if you want to respec Link’s hearts or stamina, simply visit this horned statue, and make the exchange, costing you 20 Rupees per transaction. This can be done as many times as you want, which is nice for those that want to change up their build for certain temples or bosses.

You can also simply not retrieve your essence back from the statue, and keep the 100 Rupees each time. This will likely make the game much harder, but is always a way for you to keep the challenge going if you like a bit of punishment.

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